“Bob the Psychic, the Scottsdale Psychic, is worth knowing.”

Scottsdale Psychic – A Master Channel, Angel and Tarot Card Reader.

Bob is a psychic and master channel who shares divine healing messages that bring empowerment and inspiration to all areas of your life, hopes and dreams.

The answers you seek are within reach.  Waste no time and connect with me today.  A caring, compassionate experience awaits.

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“I went to Bob The Psychic last month.  I’ve been to several “psychics” before  and he was recommended by a friend of mine. The moment I met him, I could tell he was uniquely different.  He has a warm, caring spirit. He said I would probably cry or be flabbergasted.  Well, after five minutes, I couldn’t close my mouth.  My jaw was dropping the whole hour.  He was right on the money in every area!   He even got the name of someone I was seeing right.  That even shocked him because the name was exact!   I recommend Bob to everyone that wants the real deal.  He is also funny and puts his humor into the reading.  Now I am telling everyone about him. ” — Kristie R



“Bob was amazing! He has such a great positive energy flowing through him. He was extremely helpful and knew things without me saying a word. Not to mention he was spot on with his eyes closed as to not see my reaction! I received great support and guidance from him along with some good laughs. I will definitely be going to Bob the Psychic again in the future! If you are looking for the real deal go with Bob! You wont be disappointed!”
– JT