10 of Wands – Ready to Release Burdens

A Message From The Guides

This month’s message is about completing one thing in your life and then moving on to manifest the next.  It’s no accident that we are here, communicating with you during this Lion’s Gate period.

Lion’s Gate is called the perfect time to manifest because of the alignment of the stars and planets.  It is also significant that it falls on 8/8 because the number 8 in numerology is about abundance, luck and wealth. The portal opened July 26 and it closes on Aug 12 so now is definitely the time to do what you know you need to do and then move to the next.

Looking at the 10 of Wands card, you’ll notice how the character is carrying his wands (his passion) to a new place.  You are the same.  You are ready to leave behind the burdens that have been holding you back.   This is a great month and a great time to use the energy around you to get moving and complete so many things.

By taking those first steps, you will create a new path.  It is a path opening you up to new adventures and new excitement.   Setbacks will no longer derail you.  Setbacks will merely seem like a speed bump.  They are either a lesson, test or reward for the improvement work you are doing.

You will see that setbacks are no longer permanent. They are not something that are supposed to take you off your road or take you off your path to greatness or your path to abundance.

The setbacks remind you the path to abundance is all around you.  It is around you all the time.  We share these messages with you because we are part of your soul family, and we are a great community that is ready to work with you so together we bring change to all who are in need.  We are here to lead the healing. We are here for peace. We are here to give guidance to those in need.

There are many who being held back by past life decisions.  Decisions made well before your coming to this planet and dimension.  Know that you no longer need to abide by those decisions. There is a great calling for change across the Universe. There is a calling for growth.  There is calling and a reminder that now is the time to face the truth. Then clear it.  Release it to the Universe.  Move forward with a new sense of understanding and clarity.

We know this can be difficult.  So for those worried about their past and still holding on to it, we can only say that now is the time to ask the Universe for forgiveness and clearing.  Be open.  Let your intuition come alive.  Allow yourself to be led by your abundant highest power.  Let your Guides come through loud and clear.  They come to you with a message of peace and love.  They are here right now demanding you take the steps you need to release your burdens. Now is the time to set yourself free. Stop carrying the past.  Realize that the past is just that – it is the past.  If you need help with this if you want others to be involved in your emotional clearing and your spiritual awakening, reach out.

Just be visiting this website and receiving our communications, you are part of a great community of love and light. Reach out to another for support. Reach out to someone you know who could use support.

Spend your time this month is a place of love and peace and release.  See the burdens lifting off your shoulders. See the burden lifting off your heart. See the burden being lifted from you by Spirit as though you are free now to create the life you have always imagined, the life that you have always dreamed of, now is the time.

The next three-month period will be the among the best times to achieve these milestones. So do not hesitate. Do not wait. Connect with us. Connect with your highest self in your dreams or just ask us to come through.  Ask us, your Guides and Angels, to step forward and we will be there.

We leave you with this parting thought. We are here to help you and we want you to know that you’re going to have great protection all around you in releasing the burdens and becoming more vulnerable and creating this new path.  This new life may not be easy. In fact, it probably will be difficult because it is only through that difficulty through that pain that we realize our achievements.

Do not be scared. Do not be worried. Let us help take the burden from you. Use the image of the 10 of Wands as your guide. See that as he is carrying the wands, carrying the sticks, to the new home you can do the same. We are here to help you.