The Ten of Swords:
A Painful But Inevitable Ending

A Message From The Guides

The ten of Swords is about an upheaval. The ten of Swords is about an abrupt change. It is an inevitable change and the mark of a time of great endings. Some of these endings will be painful, most of them may even be unexpected. But the point of the matter is that this is the time of wrapping things up, that you are ready to accept the change and know that you must make the change to create some better opportunities in your life.

You are open to new positions.

You are open to new ideas. You are open to new visions within yourself and for those around you. You realize that what has been going on up to now perhaps has not been working. We are not saying this in all areas of your life. But in some areas, this must be true for the humans are always looking for something new or fresh. Many of them always say that there is something on which they could improve. We want to also say that many of you are leading your best life and many of you know how to connect with us and how to connect with spirit, how to connect with the universe and that you use that gift every day, every week,  every month to feel the warmth and the love of all of us as we share it with all of you.

There is no more time for procrastinating.

Another way to experience this card is that with all the swords in the back, there is no more room make decisions and wait.   It is time for action. It is time to break free from this place and allow the new love and light and caring of the universe to step forward. It is no accident that or even coincidence that we have chosen this card for this month as this year wraps up as the new year comes forward. We want you to know that we are here with you. We want your next year to be filled with love and light, competence, and peace. Let this year be the last year where you are stabbed in the back by betrayal or deceit. Let the year ending be the year that allow negativity and those folks that are not blessed by the light in your life. It is the time to clear this and any darkness that might surround you.

Do you truly know the people closest to you?

We are taking this time to remind you to always be aware of your surroundings and make sure that you truly get to know the people around you – what is in their heart? What is in their soul? If you are unaware now would be a good time to ask. You want to make sure that you surround yourself with those who are part of the light, who are not being deceitful, who are not narcissists, who are not egomaniacs, who are not stuck on things that do not matter at the end of the day.

Your journey is about love and connection.

It is about lessons and about those that you heal and that is the true mission of the humans on this planet. You are all here to learn new things. You are learning, growing, and achieving new goals. And for those of you that are stuck, or those of you that are wondering, wait what is my goal? What am I supposed to be doing? We would say dig deep. We would say the answer surrounds you and that there are those around in this community and in other places that can help you answer that question. There is no harm in asking. There is no harm in reaching out to others for many of those that you reach out to have nothing but love and light and compassion and caring for you. They may not be close friends for you. They may just be acquaintance, or they are just someone you go and meet to help answer your tough questions but whoever they are, know that if you choose them, they are the ones that are supposed to be there in your life. They are the ones who are supposed to be around you and guide you. They are the ones who have no judgment for you. They just want the best for you.

Let this card be a symbol of motivation.

Don’t let the swords hold you down. Don’t let the swords keep you from moving forward. Take the steps you need now to move forward. Now would be the time to work on a plan. You just need a plan. Or something to nudge yourself to get that help. Or you need to just realize how much work you have done this year releasing those swords and being able to make healthy decisions and now is a time to look back and celebrate. For all of you all of those who are reading this message have something to celebrate this year.

It is impossible not to have something to celebrate and even if you say to us “Oh no, I have nothing to celebrate my job is bad or I lost my house or I lost a relationship.” That is all okay because that happened for a reason. The job wasn’t the right fit. The relationship was running off the rails anyway. That person was not truthful about who they truly were or that they grew into someone that no longer was congruent with yourself, your heart, and your beliefs. Or you outgrew them, or you realized you wanted more from life, or you wanted a new sense of safety. You wanted the sense of someone who would always be there for you. You wanted someone who had no judgment or ever wanted to put you down or ever criticized you in front of others. Whatever the reason is, there is a reason for that to happen and most likely it comes from a place of love and light.

The bottom-line: Always be grateful.

So at this moment and at this time and as you read this message as this year wraps up, we want you to be grateful, grateful for the opportunities that you’ve had this year and even right now, if you are feeling burned out or if you are feeling the betrayal know that it is the time to ask the universe to end that. Simply say aloud “Universe. I am ready for this to end – show me the light universe. Remove the betrayal from my life. Remove all of those that do not follow me – those that do not understand me – those that are not looking out for my highest interest. Do it now.” Then know that the universe will take those steps and bring those things into fruition and bring those things into action.

Do not worry. Do not be concerned about all those things that have been haunting you this year. Ask the universe. Ask the universe aloud to remove those fears and remove that negativity from your life. Let the next year be nothing but happiness and joy. And reach out to those around you those that you care about and share that message of love you have for them because that will help keep the positive energy of the earth moving forward. Thank you so much for listening to us this month. We know this was a long message, but it was important for you to read and understand it for you are part of the love you are part of the light, and you are part of a great loving community.