Abundance And Love

A Message From The Guides

Abundance and love are the questions that we are asked the most.

Love is so important for you.

So how do you find that abundance?

How do you find that abundance and love?

The answer is simple – but some make it so hard

Simply put, it is about opening up to the new.

Opening up and making space for those are around you.

Opening up and making space for those that you truly wish to connect to.

Opening up not to a superficial connection, but one that is truly heartfelt.

Love like this comes as we reach new chapters in our lives.

In some cases, we will find the love but it will not be forever. It will just be for a short period of time because you will learn the necessary lessons and then be ready to move on.

In other cases, we will find the love and then it will be for our lifetime.

It all depends on the journey that you are on.

It all depends on the lessons that are around you and the ones you agreed to learn before you came to this planet.

How do you create that abundance in love?

You create that abundance of love by making yourself available.

  • by doing the work that you need to do
  • by doing the work to be grounded
  • by doing the work that allows you to open up and receive love from others

So many people are looking for love but yet they cannot find it
they cannot find it because they are not open to it…
they have not found it within themselves

  • You must be able to listen
  • You must be able to see
  • You must be able to think clearly about what it is that you want and then put it out there and start allowing the world to attracted to back to you for we only get what it is that we need.


If you are unsure of how to connect to this guided message, that is where I come in.

I’m happy to help you hear your guide’s message so you can usher in new peace and contentment into your life

–I am Bob The Psychic, Your Psychic.