Always Remain Optimistic

A Message From The Guides

The Wheel of Fortune is our card of the month because of the many choices that so many of the humans have in front of them this year, this week, this month, this day.

The Wheel of Fortune suggests that things are always changing, that we are always on a wheel spinning forward or moving backwards depending on what it is that we need at the time. For those moving backwards, it is moving away from things that you no longer need, no longer want. It reminds you that life is always shifting and changing. So even if things are great right now or super great right now, you know that eventually they will change back and become more normal, whatever normal means to you.

For those who are suffering, those feeling sad, those feeling lost on their way, the wheel reminds us that life is always in motion. It is always going to change, and one must believe that all the changes are going to be positive. Things always get better. So, it is all about attitude. It is all about accepting abundance and knowing that there is a great connection between you and us. Know that the Universe is always collaborating with your guides and your highest self to bring peace and harmony to those that surround us and to the world in general.

Now, there are many other forces in the world right now. There is a fight between good and evil going on right now on the planet, and that many people are being sucked into this battle. So, for those who are taking part in the battle by belittling those with alternative beliefs, know that the Wheel of Fortune stands as a symbol and reminder about karma.

Look at the wheel and you will see that it symbolizes the notion of what goes around comes around. So, we would urge all of those within our reach to remember that by simply being kind and loving to others, you will attract the same to yourself. Alternatively, it is always just a matter of time when one’s negative actions upon others come back upon them. The Wheel of Fortune shows us that the key to happiness is simple. Be the happiness and abundance you wish for, and we will provide it. What you send out into the Universe always comes back.

The Wheel of Fortune reminds us that the Universe will take care of your situation in the best possible way. Call upon the card and ask it to help bring good fortune, prosperity and increased overall abundance into your life. Do not let the short-term setbacks keep you from continuing down your path of greatness.

Let the wheel unlock opportunities you could never imagine. Use this newfound energy to make significant changes in your life. Use the wheel to head in a different direction and by doing so, the Universe will lead you to better outcomes than the past.

The card for this month is a reminder to keep moving forward. Do not allow negative thoughts or negative people and situations to keep you from your destiny. Use the wheel to move forward and continue the journey you are on to ultimate fulfillment, peace, and love.