Angel Cards – Direct Messages From The Angelic Realm

There are many realms we communicate with every day whether we realize it or not.  For example, we speak with our intuition, our spiritual side, our grounded intellectual side and even the specific guides who chose to be assigned to us.

The Zibu Angelic Deck allows me to communicate directly with the Divine Angels that surround all of us.  The creator of the cards describes them as fluid graceful symbols, each with a specific meaning and a message of hope, love and encouragement.

During a reading, the symbols usually appear or are drawn in groups of three.  The three words at the top of the card indicate a thought or a suggestion as to what is coming next.  The affirmations at the bottom of the cards then give my client a clearer picture as to what to ask for or say to themselves in order to bring this energy to their lives.

In this card layout, the message is one of reflecting on one’s past with hope and a sense of moving forward or flowing on into the future.  In addition, the transition this client is going through features a well-lit path of peach and truth.

Zibu Angel Cards are included in any consultation 30 minutes or longer.