Angel and Oracle Cards
Direct Messages From The Angelic Realm

Oracle cards help unlock messages from the angelic realm.  Unlike Tarot cards, Oracle and Angel cards are divinely inspired and created by those who have the calling to share these unique communication tools with others.  What first started as cards created by gypsies, Oracle and Angel cards became much more popular as the New Age Movement took off.  The major difference between Tarot and Angel/Oracle cards is that Tarot cards are a very definitive type of divination, based on metaphysical concepts such as alchemy, esoteric symbols, and numerology. Angel cards, on the other hand, rely on channeled information from the etheric realms. The reading is produced by the interaction of my energies and the response of the angels to your questions.

I am usually led to use my Angel/Oracle cards with those who have never had a consultation. Sometimes consulting the angelic realm gives new or better insight than tarot.  Every deck, no matter Tarot or Angel or Oracle is designed to speak to different souls at different times.  So today, perhaps one of the John Holland decks I use will make sense to you.  But tomorrow, it might not.


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“Bob the Psychic is the real deal! I could not have been happier with our connection, his insight and guidance. I have spoken to numerous psychics over the last 10 years and I can definitively say that Bob is the best. He is also the first male psychic I’ve spoken to. I am so thankful that I happened to come across Bob’s Facebook page yesterday. I so needed his affirmations and encouragement today! He’s incredible!!!”
–Elizabeth S.



“Just had a reading with Bob…something about him is comforting and familiar which made the experience easy and enjoyable. He had a lot of insight to my life with some fairly soon to come predictions. He allowed the session to be recorded, left time open for questions, and offered open communication if when I hear recording at home I needed clarity, which is above and beyond what any other reader offered.  Now I am eagerly awaiting and looking forward to the near future and if he’s accurate then I am going back for the biggest hug. Thanks Bob” — Renee J 



“The most FANTASTIC, ACCURATE, HONEST reading that I have ever received. I had to process the information that was given to me from Bob before I could take action on the suggestions that were pouring out of him during the reading. But ever since I follow through, I can not believe how my life has changed, forever. I am truly grateful for such an amazing reading from an undeniable talent !!! Wish I could give you a million stars Bob!!” — Francesca P.



The Angel & Oracle Decks I may use in our consultation include:


Psychic Tarot by John Holland




Psychic Tarot of the Heart by John Holland



Angel Answers by Doreen Virtue


Zibu Angelic Symbols by Debbie Z

I always ask my guides which decks are appropriate for you and then I uses the ones I am drawn to.  In nearly all of my readings, I draw on more than one deck to help guide you.  Since each deck has its own vibration and frequency, making the messages it shares unique to that particular set of cards.   However, at the end of the day, I find that although the messages may seem to be different, they are always of the same theme or bottom line.  If you are unsure what kind reading you would like, no problem!  I will always be able to tap into your energy and tell you what your guides are wanting to show you.

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