Angel Messages Are All Around Us

A Message From The Guides

There are angel messages are around us.

Orb Angels Around Us

The following message was given to me by my guides and angels over the past few days.  What you are about to read was created during a trance using automatic writing.

Sometimes we hear angel messages or perhaps we even see them. They are the quick glances we make when we think we see something in a room or on the street but nothing is there.  It could be the feeling of something brushing by us when nothing is there. The angels were there, they just go to their own realm because they are afraid to be known for sure sometimes.  It is the angels around us that we hear that are the most profound.  They are always messages of love and faith.  For example, those who seem to have the most faith in angels and spirits ground themselves and go towards the light every day. By grounding, you open the path of inspiration.  So many people come to tarot readers for that inspiration but the messages really come through the angels and guides around us speaking through the tarot readers.  The angels want us to be free and safe.  They communicate that message through the tarot cards too.

Not All Angel Messengers Are The Same

However there are also those who use their gifts for what we, the angels, call an evil way. They spread darkness.  They can tell those in need that only bad things will be happen or that there is a curse of sorts around them and for an extreme amount of money, they will release them.  This is all false.  This is something we do not believe and we do not follow.  This is a warning for those who feel like they are being besieged and then find comfort in those people who offer untrue solace.  The solace is all in the mind.  It is not of this realm or of this place. It is of another place that truly exists, but not in the way those who share of it describe.

Commit To The White Light

We believe that there is karma and people do have to apologize, forgive and release for the things they do which they intuitively know were not right. Many times we, the angels, are there telling them no but they do not hear.  The humans only follow the other one for sometimes his voice is stronger.  But unlike that voice, ours is one of peace. It is the higher voice that you hear. This is not important now.  What is important is that you know that once the misdeed is done, there are always ways to repent and earn forgiveness.  Sometimes it is words shared.  Sometimes it is feelings shared.  Sometimes it is just a release back to the universe because any kind of words or direct message back to the one who was wronged would only make the situation worse. Perhaps there is much negative power in the other being.  This would make it futile for the truth seeker to find the white light for which they seek.  Our message therefore is that seeking the white light is a commitment.  It is not  a deep commitment, it is just a promise that only good will transpire.

Just for this week, I will seek out only the good in people. I fill forgive those who work against me.  I will allow the others who are following the darker light to continue on their way with out disrupting them,  For this week, I will concentrate on myself and being more light and release of negative energy to myself and the others I love.