Angels and Wealth

Angels and Wealth

Angels and Money

The following message was given to me by my guides and angels over the past few days.  What you are about to read was created during a trance using automatic writing. 

There are many questions we get asked each day by the humans around you.  So many want to have wealth or abundance in their lives and they see no way of attracting it.  So funny because we see so many ways.  All that needs to be done is do what you love and the money will follow.  But so many people do not do what they love, they suffer at a job they do not like because it pays the bills.  They have fear that by breaking free, their income will crash and they will have no way to recover.  We believe it is something different and that is why we are sharing this message today.

Follow Your Dream

We want people to know that following their dream or allowing the natural abundance to overtake their lives does not have to be a quick turn.  In other words, what about taking about is small steps towards the goal of doing what you love and then seeing how that goes before leaving the place, the miserable place you are at now.  We the Angels want you to know that we are all around you and that if you call on us and then take the steps, we will create the right opportunities.  Even if those opportunities seem weak or seem impossible, we will make it so it is right.

Tarot Five of CupsIt is like when you draw the five of cups in the tarot deck.  This card is our favorite in this case because the character wants the house across the way.  But he cannot get there because he has spilled three of the cups.  They are now empty and he believes he must fill them to get where he needs to be.  Truth be told from our vantage point that it does not matter if the cups are full or not.  It is just taking the steps and creating the plan and the dream.

It does not have to be a fancy written plan.  Maybe it is just a verbal agreement between us and you. The agreement would be that you would spend at least some time each day looking into the passion that truly drives you.  Whatever that passion is.  We do not pass judgment on what makes people get excited.  Sometimes it is something like watching cars race or perhaps it is visiting a smoky bar where you might pour drinks or perform on stage.  You get the drift.  We do not care what it is.  We just want you to be happy.  The angels around you know that happiness is the key to all success and that those who are the most successful are usually the happiest.  No, it is not because they are getting a ton of money.  It is because they are connecting themselves with their strong personal power.  This connection is what makes the humans happy.

You are not designed to always be alone in life

This even includes working or perhaps a better way to explain this is by saying it does not matter what kind of job you have, it is about the connections.  It is the connections both personal, financial and spiritual that we wish to concentrate on.  We want to help you make those connections each day.  It is simple.  Just ask us to help you.  Just ask how you can move forward and bring the abundance to your life.  You will hear the answer.  We will share it with you.  The key is just being sincere upon asking and asking from a place of love and acceptance, not from one of desperation.

Just for today, I will be at peace with my surroundings and my blessings.  Even if the blessings and surroundings are not what I want or what I imagined them to be, they are what they are right now because of the decisions I have made in the past.  But the past does not control my future.  At every second I can recreate, I can restart, I can make a move that puts me in a new space and a new direction.  Just for today, I will ask for that guidance from those around me.  I will ask my angels from a place of love to show me that white light.  And so it is.

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