Angels Around Us – Look and Believe

Angels Around Us

Look and Believe

Last week, I went with a few friends over the Franciscan Renewal Center in Scottsdale.  It is a place that has amazing energy and is the home of many amazing spirits.  As we walked through the area and looked at our camera’s we saw white dots following us.  When we saw them, there was no other light in the area that they could have been the reflection of.  We knew they were orbs from the angels around us.  The most amazing picture of an orb is below.

Orb Angels Around Us

This tube of light was supposed to be a picture of some rabbits running by a tree.  Instead this image appeared.  There was nothing in front of the camera at the time.  In fact, I took two pictures back to back and they both came out the same.  Look closely at the tube.  It has some amazing colors in it.  I believe it is one of the Angels around us –  but not knowing how to explain it, I asked my guides:

 “The spirits and guides you see are the ones which have not yet achieved the highest frequency.  They are the ones visible to the human eye but only if the eye is looking for them.  They are all around you at all times but most are not seen, they are heard in your case while others may feel them.  It depends on the gift that they have been able to develop.  So these pictures you have are real.  The tube of the orb is flying up and over your head.”

After seeing capturing the picture of the orb, I started using my phone’s video camera.  The video is below and I apologize for it being sideways.  As you watch, be looking for not only the dots following us around, but also the green flashes. This is more proof of Angels around us.

 My guides say “The video shows some of us playing and flying around.  We have many other angels that are around all of you.  They are usually orbiting your head or on your shoulders.  The green flash is an energy wanting to go home to another realm.  These takeoffs can be seen with the human eye too although when photographed as you did, they appear brighter.”

My guides didn’t seem like they really wanted to share about these pictures.  Unlike previous messages, these were very short so I turned to my Angel Oracle cards are received this spread when I asked about the Angels around us:

Taking these three cards as a sentence, you get “Surrender and Release to Nature for it provides Divine Guidance” which is exactly what we were doing when we were looking for Angels.  The photographs are all of nature and feature the unexplainable images.  Here’s another-


This is the swing in the garden.  Notice the white swash of light on the lower left.  Again, there are no lights around this object that could have created it.  We just chalked it up to another example of how Angels can appear in our photographs.

Clearly, the Angels are around us.  All we have to do is look and believe.

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