Attracting Love By Activating Your Mind

Attracting love by activating your mind is about quieting the needy portion of our brain, letting our soul, our intuition, lead us forward.

guy-in-forest-with-sunSo much of what we want in life is based on our intuition.  Yet when we do not listen, this is when we get trapped or off course.  For our intuition will always guide us in the right direction.

When drawing cards to answer this question about love, I received the eight of pentacles, the five of cups reversed and the 4 of cups.

The Eight of Pentacles – Knowing What You Want

The Eight of Pentacles shows a craftsman finishing up one of the eight pentacles or disks he has carefully crafted.  He is far from the town in the background and the sky is clear.  He has honed his craft and knows what is the exact look for each disc.  He is calm and not seeking the opinions of others for he has tuned in on his soul and the voice of his intuition is guiding him for each use of the ham8 of pentaclesmer and chisel.

In this reading, the selection of this card is the first step of the journey towards love.  It is the first step because it suggests you have narrowed down what it is you want in the relationship and are now working specifically to create it in your life.  It  is no longer about hanging out in places and seeing what comes up.  No, for you it is about knowing what you want, knowing what the true deal killers are and then only allowing in those who have those qualities.  It is no longer testing the waters with someone you know isn’t exactly right.  Now we are looking for the closest match to our deepest desires.

This would not be considered working as the title of this message is because we have already done the so called work.  It is now about cashing in on the description and the items we want which brings us to our next card, the reversed five of cups

The Five of Cups Reversed – Accepting ourselves & wfive_cupshat we have created

The five of cups is about getting over the past.  With the card being reversed, the three cups which have spilled are no longer emptying out.  It appears the spilled liquid is heading back in. What this card suggests in this reading is the pain of past love has shaped your desires and now, right now, you give yourself permission to have true love in your life. It is okay to understand and accept the love you are attracting.  It is okay to, and you must give yourself permission to, attract this love.  The previous  card shows you know what the qualities are, this card says now it is okay to accept those qualities. accept and embrace them in both yourself and the new person you are attracting.  In other words, trust your intuition.

 The Four of Cups – Turning on the Antenna

The four of cups is about listening to your emotional intuition.  In the image, you see the cup floating toward the character.  It is up to the character to release the pain that binds him and 4 of cupstake the cup.  The cup symbolizes emotions and in this case, the cup symbolizes love.

You are now ready to turn on the antenna and broadcast to the world that you are looking for special love.  You have done the core work of coming up with what is most important to you.  You have released the negative energy that ended up teaching you what your love ‘deal breakers’ are. Now it is time to sit and wait.

This might not work for everyone.  For example, some people, taking the cup or acting upon the messages they’ve received about true love, is just wishful thinking.  They are not carrying themselves like it is going to happen.  They are not broadcasting the message.   In other words, they don’t believe it will come true.  But I say that we attract and create what we believe.  By not believing, your brain still believes and thus tries to create it.  In this case though, the word ‘not’ means it is never going to happen.  The brain is now working to stop what you want.

Summing It All Up

So how do activate your mind to attract love?  You simply ask your intuition to define your perfect love.  Then you accept it.  Finally, you broadcast it.   Sound easy? Well I don’t think it should necessarily be ‘easy’ but for sure I know it should not be ‘hard’.

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