A Message From The Guides

Attraction is what love is all about.  One way to describe love is that it is an attraction, acceptance and appreciation of our highest energy by another.  We each share our highest energy with the one or the ones we love in a unique way. We share it in a way that brings peace, joy, commitment, contentment.

But in order to have that highest energy, we must first look at our heart, the furnace within ourselves that creates heat.

What kind of material do you have each day within yourself to stoke your fire?  Do you have excitement about your daily activities?  Do you have excitement about the people around you?  Do you have excitement about the work you do?  Do you have excitement about what you share with your community?  Do you have excitement about the way you look and feel?  These are just some of the thoughts you can use to light your furnace… to set your heart aglow. There are infinitely more unique ways you create fire in your life.  Now is the time to take stock of the ones that bring you the most joy and put them into action.

Attracting more sometimes requires us to look deep within ourselves.

It is said that those who do not love themselves are doomed to not to have love in their lives. In fact, that makes perfect sense because we do attract to ourselves people who are just like us. Have you ever noticed that when you feel empty or angry, the people around you act just the same? And at the same time, when we are full of love and light, compassion and kindness, we attract exactly that.  It is like the Divine knows what our soulful self is feeling and delivers it to us..happy or sad.  So if we are happy, that is what shows up.  If we are frustrated, that is what shows up.

All of this brings us back to the Attraction Card which simply states “You attract romantic love by enjoying this moment fully.”   Enjoying this moment fully is being accepting of where you are in matter what.  No judgement here!


Looking to attract more or different or better things?  Then change how you are treating and nourishing yourself.  Remember the more you love yourself, the more positive things you attract.  So with attraction being the card of the month, let us look at what we are attracting, let us look at what we have attracted to ourselves, let us look to the love and the light that we have deep within, and then recognize that it is being reflected back to us by the situations around us.

Finally, can you honestly say you love yourself?

You should!  After all, we are formed by the Divine and created at a moment of the greatest love and light. Notice that you are perfect just the way you are – perfectly imperfect, perhaps, but yet perfect because that is what the Divine has made us.  The Divine has made us all of those things, because that is what the human experience is. So when you look to attraction and when you look to love… start with yourself. Start deep within yourself, because that is where the answers lie.