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Motivation Hi, everyone. I’m Bob the psychic. And here’s this month’s message for the Divine Healing community. Give me a second to close my eyes, connect with the Guides, and we’ll see what they have to say. Here we go.

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Time To Celebrate Rewards Hi, everyone, I’m Bob The Psychic with this month’s card for the Divine Healing Newsletter Community.     I want to thank you so much for subscribing to my newsletter and being part of my family.      This

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Tarot Card of The Week: Reversed Three of Swords

The reversed three of swords is about releasing pain and heartache . It is about allowing yourself to let go of what no longer serves you emotionally. In looking at the image of the reversed three of swords, see how the swords would probably fall out of the heart if they were turned upside down. The handle is below the heart meaning there should be enough wait to pull them out. So what would it take to pull out the pain from your heart? This card suggests that you are on the path to feeling better.

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