A Message From The Guides

It is time to awaken.  The time is now. The planets are in alignment.  There are major energy shifts coming this month, December 2021 and they will continue throughout 2022.

We are at a place right now where the world is truly shifting.  The energy may feel fragmented. It may feel uncomfortable.  And that is okay because it just shows you are among the enlightened.

Now is the time for you to step out and step up.

Stepping out and stepping up is not hard. It is not something that you necessarily need to do in public or need to do in front of other people.  All one needs to do is to step outside their internal comfort zone…. step out from behind the fears that have been holding you back… step up out of the shadows into the light… take the lead in your life.  Do it now.  Make the changes, make the shifts you know are necessary.

Now we’re not saying you must take on all of the changes at once. But what we are saying is it is time to take stock of what it is that needs to be updated and take action.

What is it that needs to be moved forward into a higher dimension? What is it that needs to be moved forward into a higher frequency so you can achieve your goals in life?  What are the things that you have always wanted in your earthly life?   This is the time to take the steps to bring those things into action.

This is the perfect time.  It is the perfect time because not only is the planet energy fragmented, but we are going into a new year.  The Earth has come back to the starting point, the beginning point and now as the new year begins and the new travel around the Sun begins, it is time to shed the old.

Now is time to break free from what has been bound you to the past.

It is time to break free from the sadness or the corruption or the uncomfortableness that has prevented you from being who you truly are.  There is no reason to suffer and moan and be stuck in the past anymore. Now is the time to just look forward. The past cannot be changed. It is time to let it go.  Forgive yourself. Forgive the one(s) that harmed you.  Know that it was a lesson. Know that it was part of your journey, part of your soulful journey on this planet – to learn those things, to meet those people, to have those experiences. And now that you’ve had those experiences, it is time to move forward. It is time to start fresh.

Take those spirit and take those experiences in stride. Know that they were there to show you a lesson. They were to open your eyes. They were to give you a fresh perspective. They were to give you a new belief in yourself and what it is you can create in your life.

This month – right now is the time to shed all of the fear and to move forward fearlessly. It is time to awaken.

Now is time to be awakened into the new energy, into the new place that the world is going.

There is a new dimension being created. Get ready for the ride. You may feel uncomfortable. You may feel the frenetic energy that is out there. You may be seeing shifts in your relationships. You may be seeing shifts in your jobs and in all areas of your life. It is because you are growing, and you are shifting and moving up as the energy of the world moves up.

It is time to move forward.

It is time to awaken it is time to stand up and let everyone know where you stand. Claim your life. Get the momentum going. It is time to awaken.