Being Thankful

Being Thankful

Being the grateful or thankful is a state of mind.. My guides say it is not supposed to be a once in a a year type of thing. And although we will be thankful on this Thanksgiving Thursday, there are many people whose lives have been touched and changed by being grateful all of the time.  We are not saying you need to be thankful for us for or for Spirit, it is about being thankful for the life you created for yourself.  It is about being grateful for the places you took yourself, the lessons you’ve learned and the journey still ahead.  The journey never ends.  It is always moving forward.  For those whose lives are based on that thankfulness, their journey seems to always be easier.

Being thankful for some means giving up on being perfect.

There are so many mistakes that everyone makes in their growth journey that being perfect is nearly impossible.  For those whose lives are not based on being grateful but instead on being manipulative or being driven to succeed, we would say that although they may appear to have many  material things, what they don’t have is the peace of mind and that inner strength  of knowing that they will be okay.  For those who follow a more spiritual or intuitive path, they understand that life is about a unique sense of knowing.  They know that they will be okay.  Even if everything is falling apart around them, they know they will be okay because they are thankful for the message and the journey.

So what are you thankful for this year?

Friends, family, a job, money, a vacation you took, a home you bought?  What about just being thankful for yourself?  What about just being thankful for the situations you have both gotten yourself into and the ones that you then got yourself out of?  My guides say say that being thankful and grateful for those lessons are by far the most important.  So even though you may be grateful for those material things in your life, at the the end of the day you cannot take them with you to the next dimension so being grateful for yourself and the opportunities you crated and obstacles you’ve overcome is perhaps the best gift of all.