Robert Jerome’s Channeled
“Divine Healing Messages”


A Message From The Guides This month’s card is Opportunity from Sacred Destiny Oracle Deck by Denise Linn. Where in your life are you missing the opportunities? Where in your…
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The Lover’s Tarot Card

A Message From The Guides The Lovers Card is plain and simple. It’s about being open to meaningful relationships where there is great communication between all parties. It’s about being…
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King Of Pentacles

A Message From The Guides The King of Pentacles is all about wealth. It is all about success and in the coming year, the world will change and deliver.  Those…
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A Message From The Guides It is time to awaken.  The time is now. The planets are in alignment.  There are major energy shifts coming this month, December 2021 and…
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Prosperity Begins

A Message From The Guides The card for this month is Prosperity Begins from John Holland’s Psychic Tarot Deck. My family and friends new prosperity has begun all over the…
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A Special Message From Bob During May 2021, I spent two weeks in Austin Texas participating in a mind, body and soul detox at Optimum Health.   Every morning we chose…
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