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Laura’s Story
Laura called me about her job situation on a Wednesday. She thought she was going to be fired.   She wanted some guidance on whether it is true and if so, what is next.

Laura Discovered:

  • She was not going to fired, but actually promoted
  • How to make the most of her new position, one she was not even interested in
  • Why the promotion came at the perfect time and why it was the perfect job

Laura’s Testimonial: “Robert, the message you gave me was 100% correct.  The day after I spoke with you I received a promotion that I didn’t think was a good career move but after speaking with you, I realized I am in the perfect place and that my new position will lead to new incredible opportunities for me.”

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It happens to the best of us.  You’ve been working somewhere for awhile and all of the sudden it starts to go sideways. or You are just not happy where you are at and you are thinking about looking for a new gig.

Either way, you find yourself frustrated or looking for a bit of Divine direction. This were my gift comes into play. I can give you a unique perspective about your job situation, what’s ahead and how to get the most from your unique situation.

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