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Career Check-In and Check Up

 After questions about relationships, the next topic I get asked the most about is career and finances. Some people have blocks when it comes to finance and careers. It is a fear of success or perhaps a fear of money and wealth and abundance. Whatever it is for you, I can help you. I can help you get clarity on what the issue is for you so you can step out from behind the clouds and put your life back on track. Or I can help you see your accomplishments and your gifts in a new light. Whatever it is you need, my connection is here for you.


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Bob The Psychic really helped me.
He answered all my questions and he can help you too.”
— Harv A.




“Spoke with Bob this year about my life, finances and career. Bob told me stick it out and come November I would get a raise and next year I would get a promotion. Well I have got 2 raises and about to get a 3rd. Bob is such a incredible gifted guy. I have had a email reading,  a face to face and over the phone and he has been very accurate on each one. Go talk to Bob today if you just need some insight on what to.”  — Ralph W



“I had a psychic reading with Bob and it was very accurate and insightful. He really helped me sort out some important stuff that was going on in my life and seemed to just “know” what was going on without me having to say anything.

Beyond his intuitive talents, Bob comes across as a very warm and caring person who truly has great passion for helping others. I highly recommend him.” — Luanne H. 



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