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Booking an appointment with Bob is simple! Just click the link below, and you’ll be directed to his booking page. Please note that appointments must be scheduled in advance as there is no walk-in availability.


Remember that each reading session is uniquely tailored to your needs and questions. Most sessions cover past, present, and future messages, but some may focus solely on the future, depending on your questions.

Bring a list of questions you’d like answers to! Writing your questions down to help make sure you leave with the information you seek. Come with an open mind and no fixed expectations. Make sure you have some free time before and after your reading to soak in what you’ve learned. No need to feel nervous – your guides will only share what you are meant to know. Bob suggests you record your session for future reference, as many clients find this helpful to revisit the insights.

Of course! Feel free to record your reading. It’s a great way to revisit the insights shared during the session.


Psychic Readings

Bob conducts readings in 30-minute increments. Sometimes, though, clients might find that they need a bit more time to cover all their questions. No worries! In such cases, you have the option to extend your session at an additional cost of $3.00 per minute.

Bob believes life is a journey, and you sometimes must learn from the not-so-great stuff. If something ‘negative’ pops up in a reading, it’s not about doom and gloom. It’s like a friendly warning sign, making you aware of choices that might not be in your best interest.

 In-person sessions offer a unique dynamic. You have the opportunity to ask clarifying questions. Bob can also gauge if the messages resonate with you. He’s all about making sure clients get the most out of their session, whether it’s in person or not.

No. Instead, he connects with your energy and vibrations through guides and angels to deliver your desired messages. In an intuitive channeling session, he can directly chat with your soul energy, getting divine messages from your higher self.

No. Bob does not provide answers to such questions. His readings are more about helping you on your spiritual journey, offering insights and guidance to help you grow.

Yes! Mediumship sessions are your opportunity to connect with departed loved ones and receive messages of love, healing, and guidance.

Bob is renowned for his accurate readings. He has a reputation for providing insightful revelations, guiding you toward a better understanding of your life’s path.

Absolutely! Bob offers private events for birthdays, small groups, corporate gatherings, and bachelorette parties, creating memorable and mystical experiences.

Scheduling a reading with Bob is a piece of cake! Just visit this link to book your session.

Yes, absolutely! Bob offers remote readings through phone or video call, making it convenient for you from all locations. For phone or Zoom sessions, Bob will provide you with the info you need to access your virtual session.

If you opt for an email reading, you’ll receive a detailed message. Rest assured, valuable information will be shared regardless of the reading type you choose.


Gift Certificates

Absolutely! He offers gift certificates for 15, 30, and 60-minute sessions. Prices range from $60 – $200, with a $5 processing fee per certificate.

Buying a gift certificate is a breeze! Just click HERE, and you can choose to send it instantly to a recipient.

It’s easy! Head to the booking page HERE. Your gift certificate number will be displayed on the purchased gift certificate. You can input it when booking your reading for redemption.

Once you use the redemption link, we’ll verify your certificate, and then you’ll receive another link to book your appointment.

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