Creating Clarity

A Message From The Guides

“The perfect harmony of beauty awakens within me and all around me.
I serve the golden light in unconditional love and creative power.”
Alana Fairchild
“Sacred Rebels Oracle Cards”

A Message From The Universe

he message we have this week is about peace in the world and peace within the lives of those who are in the world.

There have been many upheavals in the past few days – especially in terms of those who are leading the country – those who have been involved in the power and in planning and in momentum and we want you to know that we have been watching this from afar and that we would just urge all to remain at peace.

The turmoil that is happening around the world around the country – especially in the one where you are at – is going to come to a head and then when it does it will just break free and there will be a movement of great change.

There will be a movement that will bring new clarity, new momentum, not only for the planet but also the people of the planet.

So we do not speak of politics.

We speak of movements in general.

We speak of the energy that is flowing around the world and around the planet.

It is the energy that is giving the humans the power they need to move forward.

In other words it is about turning the negative into the positive – not something to fight – not something to argue about but something where one considers all points of view and then allows those views to come through – allowing them to come through in a way that has never happened before so that there is new clarity on the planet – A new understanding based in love and respect and a new sense of clarity and not on differences.

This week it is about working on clarity.

• Clarity in your life direction

• Clarity in your relationships

• Clarity in your finances

Today take the steps you need to bring yourself a new sense of clarity.
Today take the steps you need to continue moving forward.
Today take the steps you need to bring peace into your life.

If you are unsure of how to connect to this guided message, that is where I come in.I’m happy to help you hear your guide’s message so you can usher in new peace and contentment into your life.
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