Death and Healing


This week my guides want to talk about death and healing.  With the recent shooting in South Carolina, it seems that death is in the news.  There is so much heartache and pain for those who lost loved ones at the hands of a lunatic.  This was a racist terrorist attack.  Nothing less, nothing more.  Perhaps John Stewart put it best when he said on his Daily Show:

“If this had been what we thought was Islamic terrorism, it would fit into our — we invaded two countries and spent trillions of dollars and thousands of American lives and now fly unmanned death machines over five or six different countries, all to keep Americans safe. We got to do whatever we can. We’ll torture people. We gotta do whatever we can to keep Americans safe.  Nine people shot in a church. What about that? “Hey, what are you gonna do? Crazy is as crazy is, right?” That’s the part that I cannot, for the life of me, wrap my head around, and you know it.”

Mr. Stewart eloquently pointed out the message my guides wish to share.  There is no excuse for allowing this to happen.  On the other hand, there is also no excuse to let this tragedy and sadness derail so much of the positive work being done to remind people of this problem in our society.  Now we are not going to get political and our message has nothing to do with where you stand on this issue.  What our message is today is that by aligning with the white light even in the face of tragedies like this, you will heal and continue to receive the love and blessings you deserve.

There is love and blessings all around those who follow the white light.

This love from our angels and guides is there to relieve the burden of sadness.  This in no way is meant to demean or lessen the sadness that is felt.  It is just a reminder that nothing should get in our way of healing and seeking the light and the of the answers Spirit or the God of Your Heart supplies.  Clearly the shooter, was not of the light.  Look at his eyes.  You can see the darkness, the death, the beast there.  He fell off the track years ago.  There was no one around him to show him the way.  Now, there is nothing around him to save him from a destiny filled with loneliness, anger, rage and hate.

The irony here is that those who were murdered in cold blood each shared a love of life and a commitment to sharing peace and growing themselves and those around them.  And for that love, they met true evil.  We want to believe that they all knew the gunman was ‘off’ when he came in.  Yet their teachings and following of the God of Their Heart told them to accept all those who come in need even if for a split second they knew they were dealing with complete darkness.

We want all of you to know that calling upon us at time like this will ease the human pain and suffering.  We feel the sadness but it is in a different way.  We just see the white light diminishing around you.  We want to bring that white light back to you.  So whenever there is tragedy, you know that you are not alone.  We are here.  We know you are angry and we know that it is an event like this which make some question our existence.

Let what happened because of the appearance of the dark one remind you that as followers of the light, you will be lead away from such terror.  We are not saying those who were murdered did not follow the white light.  They did.  All of them.  What happened was that when evil entered the room, they could not physically escape.  Instead they escaped spiritually and for that we promise, they did not feel any pain as they left this place for the next.