December Tarot Card – Eight of Wands

A Message From The Guides

The Tarot Eight of Wands is the December 2015 card of the month.

Eight of Wands

This month it is all about taking the bull by the horns and making progress in your life.  The Eight of Wands is about swiftness, energy, travel and excitement.

This will be a month where you are in motion.

There is nothing to stop you in planning and setting up for a great new year.  Now is the time to finish up all of those projects left behind this year.  What did you plan on doing or start doing that you didn’t finish?  Now is time time to get closure on those items so that you can have a fresh slate for next year.  My guides are not saying that you have to do everything you thought you should or could.  They say that the important stuff that you told yourself you had to do needs to get done.  No reason to carry energy from this year into next that doesn’t suit you anymore.  How are you doing on your budget?  We feel like this is a question many of my clients are facing.  My guides would just say now is the time to see what frivolous expenses you can cut or do without this holiday season.  If you are traveling this season, there will be a lot of frenetic energy around you.  There is much concern about safety so when you are out and about to be watchful.  Being watchful means looking for things out of place.  If you don’t see anything, which is the case in 99.0 percent of the time, then no worries.  It is just a way for you to calm that part of the brain that has been watching the news too much.

New Year’s Eve

My guides say that when New Years Eve comes, spend a few moments being grateful and thankful for all that has come to pass in the past year.  Spend a few moments telling yourself and your Angels and Guides that you are grateful for all of the opportunities and experiences you  had this past trip around the sun.  There is also much energy release in doing something like this.  The goal here is to clean your slate and blast you off into a new year.

As the new year approaches, I will take time to look over what I did and did not accomplish this year giving myself credit for what I did and didn’t do.  When coming up with goals for next year, I will allow myself to set both easy and hard ones so that one year from now, I will see that I have accomplished much of my dreams.