Dream A Beautiful Dream

A Message From The Guides

It is time for you to dream a beautiful dream.

It is time for you to step up and step out from behind the cloud of darkness so that you can have the beautiful dream you’ve always wished for… the dream that you have always wanted.  We, your angel spirits and guys are here to say no more holding back – no more letting the negativity of the disease, around the planet keep you from creating your perfect life.   This is the time for you to realize you must take the necessary steps to bring clarity into your life and to no longer feel as though there are outside forces holding you back.

Look at the beauty of this card and notice the sacred geometry all around it.  Notice how beautiful it looks with the white light coming off the top.  This is exactly how your life should be… surrounded by a white light… surrounded with sacred geometry giving you the figures the angles, the designs that are so necessary for you to have the perfect life.

It is time to ask yourself what would a perfect life look like? Have you given this any thought?
Is it a life full of love, abundance, kindness, compassion and caring, from all of those around you as you share that same those same emotions with them?
Or is it living somewhere all by yourself, somewhere where you are alone, seeking your own journey, seeking your own truth, seeking your own promises?
Whatever it may be, this is the time to go down the road and start this process. This is a multi step process. This is not something you are going to do overnight. It will take five steps.

Step one: declare your worthiness.

You are a product of the fastest and strongest sperm.  Your ARE worthy of achieving this goal and all goals whether big or small. You are worthy of living the most beautiful life.

Step two: Meditate

You must meditate on what it is that you want that life to be. Ask the Universe. Ask your guides. Ask your angels. Ask them all what would be perfect for your body and soul.  What is it that is in your life contract that could bring forward now that would make your life perfect.

Step three: Manifest.

Now that you know what you want, start manifesting. You start manifesting by asking the Universe to bring it forward – to put it right in front of you. At the same time though, you must remember to be patient my child be patient.  This is not something that will happen overnight, or in a week or even in a month, but it will happen at the perfect time, because the longer it takes, the better off it will be.

Think about it – The projects that you work the longest always seem to be the best at the end. There always seems to be a great sense of reward and sometimes a great sense of relief about your achievement.

Step Four: Notice The Signs

Now that you are manifesting, and now the next step, the manifestations begin to appear, you notice the signals, you notice the signs, you notice the callings to the places that you’ve always wanted to be.  You notice the callings to the materials, or the people or the feelings that you’ve always wanted to have in your life.  And then finally the last step.

Step five: Wrapping it all up.

Bringing it all together, Living the perfect life just the way you are. And now it is time to celebrate.  Now is a time for you to celebrate, celebrate that you have created the perfect dream life.  But notice this too: Nothing could ever be totally perfect for if there was such perfection, the world would not be so interesting.

So we would warn you, or caution you that even though you may try to create the perfect life around you, you may only achieve 80 or 90% of it. Things can never be exactly as you have always dreamed.  One of the reasons that this is true is so humans will continue to be motivated – that they will allow themselves to continue to be pushed forward by guides and angels around them – that they do not become lackadaisical and stop their growth and stop their journey. Remember that all are on this planet right now are working out a journey. It is a journey designed to help strengthen the connected to the Divine and their truest self.

This is the message we have for you for this month, live a beautiful dream.

Bring that dream into action.

Don’t delay, take the steps now.

The future is never guaranteed.