Emotional Stability and Abundance Coming Your Way

A Message From The Guides

it is time to celebrate emotional stability and the abundance coming your way.

The King of Cups shows great strength. The King of Cups shows great emotional maturity for as the water below him that continues to be rocky, he is on the concrete pedestal. The concrete pedestal gives him strength and gives him the stability to float above the lower vibrations that have been swirling around him.

The Ten of Pentacles show you are surrounded by wealth and blessed with financial abundance. The coins surround the scene suggesting celebration and great success.



The King of Cups is a sign that you are in a great place of emotional peace and understanding. This is a sign that even as the Universe continues to challenge you, the people, and the relationships around you, you are drawing upon your emotional security to lead you forward. You are no longer getting caught up in the hype and the drama of the others. You are appreciating yourself more and allowing your true highest self to guide you through all the obstacles ahead.



This is a month to continue strongly connecting to your highest self. This is a month for you to allow your emotions to come forward but in a mature way where they are not carrying you off course or off base. You are just being your true self and speaking your truth to others and to the situations around you. You are allowing your highest self to guide you instead of your emotions as you are challenged not only by situations around you now, but perhaps also people or things from the past that have suddenly stirred back up.


This is a time also a great clearing. The universe is clearing the planet. There will be a feeling of growth and ecstasy over the next few months. There has been so much misery in the past, but that chapter is now closing. And as we head into the new year, we are here to say that this is going to be a momentous year for all who have worked to get greater clarity about themselves, their lives, and their situations.  Those who been following the path of light need not worry about what the future holds. In other words, continuing to allow yourself to be open to the blessings and to call upon the excitement also of the ten of Pentacles our second card for this month.

The ten of pentacles is the money card. It is about great abundance all around you. It is about great family happiness. It is about calling in boundless joy in terms of abundance and allowing this newfound abundance to shape your journey as never before.

So, there is a joint message for this month. One is the emotional security the king of cups and the other is the abundance and joy of the ten of pentacles.

You have opened yourself up for new opportunities and in opening yourself up for them, know that the past and things that have been blocking you are no longer there. Know that by reading this message and having it appear in front of you, you are ready to take new steps and move forward for your fearlessly.


You are allowing yourself to be overwhelmed and taken care of and blessed by the universe, the guides, the angels, and the spirits that are all around you. We stand for all of them. As you read this message, know that those guides you share with us are also in full acknowledgement. You may even feel them around you or for those that see you may see those dots and see those signs that they are there for you. They want you to know that you are guided and blessed and that this new next cycle will be filled with immense joy, abundance, and peace.


Know too that you are protected. Continue to follow the path that you are on that even if you feel as though you have gone astray. It is just temporary. It is just a momentary shift. It is just a quick lesson or reminder of where you have been. You can pull back. You know what to do to bring in the abundance that ten of Pentacles or the emotional stability of the king of cups.

Both cards are working together with you these next few weeks, next few months, giving you exactly what it is you want and need. Until next month, know that you are protected and safe. Continue to follow your path because you know it is one of wisdom, love, and light.