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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make an appointment with you?

Click here and you will be taken to the booking page.  All appointments must be booked in advance.  Because of my business location, I cannot accept walk-ins.



What should I expect from a consultation with Bob The Psychic?

Bob The Psychic is committed to creating a five-star consultation experience.  In his own caring, compassionate and connected way, Bob will help you gain a sense of peace, understanding and clarity.

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Remember that each session is different, depending on the needs of the client.  Most consultations have messages about the past along with messages about the present and future.  Others may only focus on the future depending on the answers you are seeking.  Sometimes it is a mixture of just the present and future.  You will just have to see how your cards unfold.

Throughout this website and on the testimonials page, you will see reactions to Bob’s comforting messages.  Many clients describe Bob as someone who is candid, to-the-point and often surprising.  Bob has also been recognized as someone who quickly zeros-in on his client’s deepest issues and then proceed to offer insightful comments and suggestions as to the optimal course of action.

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How long of a session should I book?

Bob The Psychic does readings in 30 minute increments.  There are many times when a scheduled session time ends up not being enough time to answer all questions.  In that case, you will have the choice to stop or continue at an additional cost of $3.00 per minute.

Will you tell me if bad things are going to happen?

Bob The Psychic believes that life is a journey.  Sometimes there comes a time when we must all learn painful lessons which could be considered “bad” things.  It has happened to Bob and he found that once he accepted the message and learned the lesson, his life truly blossomed.  He wants the same thing for you which is why he shares his intuitive gift with those around him.   It not only is part of his journey as a teacher and communicator, it is part of his personal commitment of helping heal others.  So if a ‘negative’ event appears in your reading, it is just a warning designed to make you aware of some choices you may have made that weren’t in your highest and best interest.

How should I prepare for a session?

This one is easy!  Just bring a few questions you’d like answered.  Bob The Psychic suggests you write them down because by creating a list, it will help insure that you leave with exactly what you were wanting.  If you aren’t sure what you’d like to know, just ask yourself before you go to bed at night.  The answers will come.

Remember that this work requires everyone to have an open mind and no expectations.  The best suggestion is to make sure you are free from pressing business or personal commitments before and after the reading.  You will probably want a few minutes to consider what you learned.  There is truly no reason to be nervous or afraid.  Your guides won’t let you know anything that you aren’t supposed to know…   Bob will ask you to record the session so you can listen to the messages again at a later time.  Many of Bob’s clients find that to be very useful because they say they hear things differently since they know what he is going to say.

How do Phone, Zoom or email sessions work?

If you choose to have a phone or Zoom session, Bob The Psychic will give you contact information and the reading will take place as if you are sitting across from him.  If email readings are available, Bob The Psychic will send you back a detailed email with a message from his spirits and guides.   As an added benefit, Bob will record your phone reading which you can review at any time.  You will find that no matter what kind of reading you choose, there will always be useful information shared.

Are in-person sessions better?

They are just different.  When you sit across from Bob The Psychic, you will be able to ask clarifying questions and Bob The Psychic will ask you if what he is saying makes sense.  He is committed to helping you and sharing a message that makes sense or applies to your life.


Do you read my mind?

The short answer is no.  Bob The Psychic’s guides and Angels connect with your vibration and then shares with you the messages you seek.  The cards are simply a trigger.  When Bob does an Intuitive Channeling Session, you are able to directly speak to get in touch with your soul energy in a unique and compelling way as if to receive a Divine Healing Message of knowing from your highest self.

Can you tell me the winning lottery numbers or when I am going to die?

The short answer is no.  Spirit does not answer those kind of questions.  Bob The Psychic has found in reviewing his many readings that the common theme is just sharing with clients ways to learn to spiritually grow.

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