The Message of The Five of Pentacles

A Message From The Guides

The Five of Pentacles

Isolation, Insecurity and Worry


The five of pentacles is about isolation, insecurity and worry.  With our theme of the month being intuition, how does your intuition lead you to being isolated?  Do you tell yourself that you need to be alone all the time?  Do you shun connections and relationships because you believe you are not worthy?  How has your past, your intuition, guided you to these thoughts?

The answer is challenging.  In order to change this behavior, first you have to really want to.  Secondly, you have to do some digging. Digging into your past will help bring clarity as to why you feel or act this way.  However, it may take a third person, someone who can see objectively from the outside what really happened to give you that clarity.  In other words, I don’t want you to continue beating yourself up because something happened to you.  For example, if your significant other cheats on you, was it really about you or more likely about them?  Many people’s intuition will say that they had something to do with it and blame themselves when the truth may be completely the opposite.  It was most likely the other person’s own doing and had nothing to do with you.  Yet your intuition can sometimes start guiding you to people who will do the same to you again because that is what was ‘comfortable’.  Truth is it isn’t comfortable, it could be just habit.

So how do you break this cycle and come in from the cold as denoted in this card?  First, perhaps it is time to reach out for some professional help.  You will find names of trusted advisors or therapists on the resource page of my website.  Secondly, perhaps it is time to book a reading with me.  Let’s allow the teachings and the messages from my guides to give you some clarity and nudge along a healthier path.

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