Get Ready to Release the Sadness

A Message From The Guides

We welcome you here for this month’s message. It is a message that is not normal for us because normally we always pick the positive, high notes. We usually pick the happiness and the harmony that the humans wish to hear. Yet this month we pick the Three of Swords as the card of the month.

The Three of Swords is about sadness. It is about heartache, grief, and sorrow. Yet it is also about getting prepared for a large emotional release.

We know that so many who come to us each month for this message, are ready for some kind of release.  You are ready to let go of the past.  You are ready to finally let go of the hurt and the disappointment you have been carrying.  So many of you are ready for an emotional expression or an emotional experience that will bring tears to the eyes.  It is those tears that will  flush out some of the angst,  the anger, the anxiety, and the fear that so many on the planet are carrying.

The pain and sorrow and the sadness of the card is just part of the life experience on the planet.  In other words, those who say that we must know pain to understand pleasure, this is what we are speaking of this month. Now we are not saying all of you are going to be in pain and that there is going to be a great sense of sadness on the planet.  We are just saying now is the time to push all of those signs of fear and all of that sadness away – allow the water that is rushing across the heart in the image to wash you clean –  to clear the chakras, to give you the boost that you need – to get yourself out of the funk that you are in and if you are one that is not in a funk, consider yourself among the lucky ones.

Overall, there is a funkiness around the planet. There is a sense of uneasiness. There is a sense of weird vibrations.   It will not last forever so you will know that new happiness and the great times are ahead. So, in these next few weeks, look at the situations in your life. Look at the ones causing pain and sorrow. Think of ways that you can release all of those situations. Perhaps you were going to walk away from them. Perhaps there’s some words you need to share with others to let them know how you feel – let them know that from now on, you must stand up for yourself.   Perhaps it is a new direction that you need to go,  knowing that the way you’ve been going up to now has lead you to keep hitting the wall. You keep hitting the wall and thinking that it will be a different situation or that things will change.

The truth is that once the wall appears, it is very hard to go through it.  You must go around it.

You must look for other ways to keep connected – other ways to stay within the line alignment of spirit – other ways to keep connected with your highest self and those all around you. So do not let the Three of Swords keep you in that place.   You are about to become more connected to the world by releasing all of these things that have been holding you back. So this is a great month for releasing, It is a great month for being thankful for where you are and thankful for the universe and all of the gifts you have received.

Remember that if you need help with this work. it is okay to step out and ask.

Remember the humans are made from just pure love and pure light.

The angst of depression are just those who have lost their way.

They are just not connected in the way that they’ve always wanted to be.

They are just not connected as they were in previous lives.

Look at the Three of Swords and let it be a reminder that as the swords are removed from the heart, they leave behind the power to stand up for yourself.  They are a sign that you are drawing a line in the sand about what you will accept and what you won’t. And of course, you will only accept the peace and harmony and love that this life has always given you.

But right now, there may be a sense of sadness. There may be a sense of decline. This will be short lived.

So do the releasing. Walk in your strength. Walk in your peace. Walk in your sense of understanding. Allow the sadness, that uncomfortableness, the fear of the Three of Swords to help guide you to give you a fresh start and a new beginning. A new beginning can happen every day on the planet Earth. This is such a great blessing. Tomorrow you can choose to be different than you are today, so do just that. Let tomorrow bring a new day filled with love and light, peace and joy.  Until next time, stay connected, stay in the light, and ask us for the answers.