Stepping Back To Move Forward

A Message From The Guides

It is time to take a break, to look at your life and determine what it is that you must let go of to move forward.  Half of this year is over.  Did you achieve what you had in mind?  Even with the pandemic, it was still possible to achieve at least some form of forward momentum?  Did you do that or were you stuck?

There is nothing wrong with being stuck as long as it is a short-term phenomenon. It cannot become the story of your life.  Perhaps a key to getting unstuck is to just take action… any action!

Look at the Sacrifice Card from John Holland’s Psychic Tarot Deck.

The character has her hands above her head of a prayer position, surrendering and letting go so she will have more room to receive.  The character is already receiving gifts through the rainbow atop her head.  The clouds gathering to rain upon her and rinse her so she can transform with a new sense of wisdom, gratitude, and enlightenment.

Enough of putting things off for a different day and time.  Now is the perfect time.  We cannot know how long we will be on this planet and wouldn’t it be a tragedy if you transitioned in a state of stuckness, failing to do have done so many things that were so important?

Now is the perfect time to take action.  Besides, if not now, when? That is a phrase from the Bible.  So even way back then, the great thinkers knew that being stuck was something that could truly poison the mind.

Now, look at the Hanged Man.

This card suggests we get rid of old patterns that no longer service us and embrace new opportunities that would have otherwise been hidden.  The character does this because he is upside down.  He is truly looking at the world from a new perspective.

Now is the time to look within to use what you already have inside you to create the best world around you. All of us have the key to happiness.  All of us have the key to success.  The question becomes, do we use the key or just let it remain hidden under a doormat. Turn your head upside down.  Look at the situation from a completely different point of view.  Do you see your answer?

With half of the year left, this month, right now, is the time to take a step back and look at our spiritual gifts and turn them into action. Turning them into action means taking steps forward.  It means putting behind the fear that is held you back and start moving forward.

By just taking the first few steps, you will connect with your highest self.  You will connect to the white light surrounding us all.  You will connect with your strengths and begin creating the life you have always dreamed of.

If you need help with this, that is where I come in.  As Bob the Psychic™, your psychic, I can help you connect to your guides.  I can help you get clarity on the goals you have yet to achieve in life.  All you need to do is click here to set an appointment today.  Your future awaits.

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