Giving and Receiving

A Message From The Guides

Right now, there is a tremendous amount of uncertainty on the planet.  The virus continues to spread fast and the humans are doing all they can to stay away.  But even in staying away, there remains a way to give and receive.  So much of what happens on earth is a result of those who give to those in need.  Right now, it is nearly impossible to be as giving as many would like.  It is impossible because of the need for space to prevent the virus from continuing to spread.

Yet this does not mean that we cannot continue to be there for those in need.  Perhaps it is just a phone call.  Perhaps it is sending food or medicine.  Perhaps it is about checking on shelter. Whatever it is, it is about remaining connected.

Remaining connected at a time like this is so important.  We have seen from our perspective that it is the connection that keeps the human spirit strong.  It is the connection that helps the world process and it is the connection that helps the world heal.

At this point in time, there is a great need for healing.  There is no doubt that the outbreak will forever change the way the planet operates.  There will be a greater understanding how we are all connected… how we all need to give and receive to all who surround us.  Yet this is also not a time to allow yourself to be cut off from neighbors or friends or families.  It is those connections that will help give guidance and support as the virus shifts the world.

The virus will not be here forever.  For it will disappear as quickly as it came after its’ work is done.  Right now it’s work is to bring communities together.  To show how important it is for the human souls to be connected… not connected via technology but connected via words and messages and the heart.

So if there is a silver lining to the drama that is happening now it is this… We, the spirits and guides around all of you, want all the humans to remember to give and receive.  To give and receive love and respect.  To give and receive warmth and understanding.  To give and receive using the connection that all living beings share.