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Robert Jerome AKA “Bob the Psychic”, has long been internationally recognized and sought after as the best Tarot/Angel Card reader and advisor. His client testimonials across social media platforms have only furthered his notoriety based on their reviews of his accuracy, truthfulness, and spirit world connections.

Psychic Robert Jerome

Over the years Robert has experienced his own spiritual growth, which has elevated him to higher vibrational levels with clearer connection to the Spirits, Guides and Angels around him. With their assistance he channels clear, powerful messages directly to his clients.

Robert Jerome “The Healer”…After a session with Robert Jerome, many clients have expressed a great  sense of relief, joy, and some have gone further to say,   they feel freed of the negativity that had been holding them back.

Robert Jerome offers many services to help you on your journey and to gain new clarity in your life.  There are trance messages, messages from cards and messages from your ancestors. Each tool is used to help give you the clarity you seek.  In many cases, a consultation features a bit of all three or more.

It is no accident that you were drawn to Robert Jerome and his healing works.  Long ago Robert learned the power in the statement “Nothing happens by accident.”  What are you waiting for? Now is the time to book your session with the internationally sought after Robert Jerome, psychic-healer, spirit guide advisor.


“Bob was great at answering my question by using his cards and psychic ability. He has a great personality that makes you want to talk to him long after your time is over. I highly recommend him!!” Carolyn M.

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