Time For Inner Trust

A Message From The Guides

This is a time for all of you, all of those on Earth to begin exercising more inner trust.  The period of upheaval and the period of negativity that has been following the planet for the past 18 months is about to end.

We are at a time now of great division. But this division is not something that will ruin the world. It is going to actually make things better. We want you to know that you’re to trust the direction that you are led to. By trusting the direction that you are seeing from the Universe, you will end up in the correct place for you at the correct time and at the correct moment.

This is a time for the world to begin to trust. Trust that the end is near – not of the world – but the end of the pandemic and the end of all of the negativity that it has caused. This is a time to trust the goodness within your heart… to trust you are going in the right direction… to set yourself free from the past and free from of the things that have been holding you back in so many ways and for so long.

The Earth has been a period of mistrust because of all the people staying away from each other due to the great fear of the infection. But now is the time to know that the infection is on the downward spiral, that now is the time to trust that the Universe is taking care of the you and yours.

Trust yourself now.

You know the direction you are supposed to go.
Start doing all of those things you have put on hold.
So many people have been held back and now is the time to break that cycle.
So many people are still wondering if their intuition is guiding them correctly. It is! Trust us. –

The many changes you have seen are correct and it is okay to trust the direction you are being guided to. We are pulling you to a higher dimension – a higher place in the Universe.

Trust Your Journey Now

In the days and weeks ahead, you will find that you will be disconnecting from those around you that are not of the same vibration – those that are not at the same place in the world and in the in their lives.  As we say these words, we know that this brings a fear of heartache or even more division. But the truth is this separation is part of trusting your journey. Trusting that you are always in the hands of Divine.. that as long as you remain connected to your highest self, you will always find peace and joy.

Now is the time to trust the intuition and the guidance and the divine knowledge that you have.

We have been quiet the past two months because there has been so many changes in the one that we speak through. But those changes now are finally cemented in place and he is in a place now where he will now be able to help you even more.

So we urge you to trust yourself.

Listen to the messages that you receive. Look over the world. Notice the difference and be grateful in the many changes.

Remember that the end of the negativity and uncomfortableness is nearly upon you. We are here to say to trust. Trust us, Trust yourself, trust the messages that you see and hear. For the more you trust, the more you will see that you’ve always been in the right place at the right time.