Joy and Stability

A Message From The Guides

Joy and Stability

Attracting Joy and Stability Into your Life

This week’s message of Joy and Stability is the celebration of a milestone of sorts.  The Joy and Stability card from John Holland’s Tarot of the Heart Oracle Deck suggests that this is a week to share our joy with others.   This is the week to take a break from that work and notice how you’ve called in joy and stability into your life.

But what is you haven’t?   What if things are still as crazy as ever?  Well this card is a reminder to ask the Universe to give you the gift of peace.  It is about asking your Angels and Guides to surround you with white light or perhaps the gold colors of the card and let that energy bring you a sense of relaxation.

What do you need to do this week to take time for yourself to bring that joy and stability to your life?  Do you need to get a massage?  Do you need to go for a walk in Sedona?  Do you need to take your shoes off and walk in the grass near your home?  Do you need to just take a long walk around the block? Do you need to turn off your phone, your computer and your tv and just be in silence for an hour and use that time to meditate?  Whatever it is for you, this is the week to do that.

Joy and stability is not always around everyone.  Even the most stable person in your life has some wacked out days.  It is the normal process.  But the Temperance Card, our card of the month, reminds us that we must not allow that wackiness to take us off our path.  Adventure is a good thing but a bit too much of it can be overwhelming.

So this week, look into your life for areas that need some joy and stability.  Shine that golden light of this card on that area and see what happens.  You just never know what you’ll create.

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