King Of Pentacles

A Message From The Guides

The King of Pentacles is all about wealth. It is all about success and in the coming year, the world will change and deliver.  Those of you who follow the light, who have been true to yourself and who are open to new experiences, will find that the next year brings a new sense of wealth, understanding, compassion and kindness to your lives. This is a time to look ahead. This is a time to plan what the future will be. This is a time to ask the Universe to bring the abundance in that you have always wanted – that you have always needed – that you have always desired. There is no reason to hold back anymore. You saw from the last journey around the Sun what negativity can be. You saw what can happen when those in power or those around them lose their sense of direction.  You saw how when they stopped focusing on the light it affected hundreds of thousands of people.  They were plagued by poor leadership and the overall negativity that has been around on the planet.

This new year and this new journey around the Sun will be different.

Commit yourself now to bringing happiness into your life. Commit yourself to bringing the things forward that you have always wanted.  The stronger the commitment, the easier it will be for you to manifest what it is that you want:

  • simply close your eyes
  • ask the universe for acceptance
  • ask the universe for love
  • tell the universe what it is you need

Imagine yourself speaking to a high bright white light.  It is the white light of the Divine. Imagine that white light surrounding you and giving you the direction that you need, allowing you to release some of the fears and disappointments you have been carrying as though they are bound or tattooed upon your chest. They are not!  The past year was about creating a new foundation by shocking the planet and breaking the old.  Free yourself from things that are negative.  Fill your life with love and light. Commit now to peace, to truth, to taking care of oneself and to taking care of the ones around you.

We know that there has been great sadness. We know that the past year has been very disappointing, and we can only say that the new year will be different. The tools needed to reverse course have come forward from the minds of those lead to create greater world.  The humans have figured out exactly what to do to beat back the infection.   Now it is about the rest of the planet accepting that gift.

With all these things in mind know that you are doing the right thing. Know that you must set yourself up for success and now is the time. It is about writing down goals – writing down what it is that you want to achieve in your life, and then trading and acting as though they are already true.  The more you believe, the more you commit, the easier it will be for you to manifest exactly what it is that you want. Look at the King of Pentacles.  See the wealth and abundance around him. See the strength around him and bring it into your own life. Ask for what it is you want and we, the Guides and Angels around you will provide.

We are here to provide for you. All you must do is ask.

Ask us, tell us what it is you want.  We are here to serve. We want nothing more than to serve you and to give you exactly what it is that you want. You understand where this message is coming from for you have read it over and over again in your mind’s eye and in the past lives that you have had. So be firm, be calm, be happy. Be compassionate, be loving and kind to yourself and those all around you. Treat yourself with respect.  Do the things that you enjoy so that you are not always feeling the burden of the world, and the burden of those all around you. Our final thought for this month is know that you are in the right place receiving these messages.  We wish you nothing but love and light as you commit yourself to be the King of Pentacles.