Letting The Sun Card Inspire You

A Message From The Guides

Inspiration is so important on the planet right now.  Inspiration is what moves our mind.  Inspiration can take our consciousness to the highest levels of discovery and understanding. Right now, so many across the world are being inspired to try new ideas.  Look at all the accomplishments in the last 50 years: man landed on the moon, man invented an electric car for the masses, man created the pocket-sized device you are most likely using to read this.  Yet this is only the beginning.  There are so many other achievements ahead.

Some however, use inspiration to create evil or bad things.  They are not interested in moving the planet forward.  They are only interested in complete control, complete compliance to their thoughts and ideas.  The Universe does not agree with these thoughts and actions.

The Universe is asking us to work for a better place.  To take the meanings and symbolism of the Sun card and put it into action.

The Sun card is about abundance and happiness.  It is about a restart or rebirth where you leave behind those things that are not of your highest good and being a new journey.  This week, let the Sun, the moon, your career, your family and friends all inspire you to make a difference.  It does not have to be a huge difference.  I am just speaking about a small, incremental positive step that in a few weeks from now, you can look back and say ‘there!  That was the moment I changed.”

For example, I recently gave up all soda and sugary foods.  Cutting out the soda was hard, don’t get me wrong.  But now that I have been off it for three weeks, I can feel the difference.  As for the sugary items, that was a bit easier since I don’t normally keep them in my home.  It did require though remembering to think before ordering food.  For example, I an avid Starbucks fan and all of their drinks are loaded with sugar.  Giving that up was hard.  But I found that I can still go there and just get a cup of regular coffee and still have my fix.  Granted caffeine should probably be next on my list, but for now it’s still okay.

The point of my story is that I was inspired to make a change in my diet.  I did it because I knew it was time.  Now or never in a way.  What is it in your life that now is the time to change?  If you need help with that vision, that is where I come in.  Book a consultation today with Bob The Psychic by clicking here.

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