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Life Purpose Reading

For some, life purpose is about integrity and honesty. For others is about giving back, reciprocity and making a difference in the world. For others, it may be about having material wealth and comfort. Perhaps for you, it is about being a healer. Whatever it is, once we find our path, our lives seem to fall right into place. The relationships we have work. Our finances and career click. Knowing our life purpose is the backbone that holds it all together.

I get this question from all age groups. For those just starting their journey through adulthood, they wonder about the path they’ve chosen. Is it the “right” one?  Is it the one that will lead to the most fulfillment? For those like me who are a bit older and wiser, we wonder whether there is more for us out there. We wonder whether we should be doing something else. This were my gift comes into play. I can give you a unique perspective where you are in life, what’s ahead and how to get the most from your unique situation.

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Terri’s Story

Terri came to me feeling lost and confused.  She had been in her career for many years and it just wasn’t fulfilling anymore.  It was just a job and she wanted more.

Terri Discovered:

  • How to tap into her highest self to determine her new life direction
  • How to attract the passion missing from her life
  • How to create the love she craved

Terri’s Testimonial: “Robert, the answers and specific guidance you gave me truly changed my life.   The last 3 years have been the hardest, most confusing, painfully wonderful years of my life thanks to you and the many messages you have shared with me over that time.   Everyday I work on growing my connection thanks to you.”

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