Listening To Your Inner Wisdom

A Message From The Guides

Many People Find Listening
To Your Inner Wisdom is difficult.

 It does not have to be.

For many, listening to inner wisdom is something they do not know how to do. There are so many distractions that prevent the tiny voice of the Angels from coming through. For those that are psychic or that clairaudient like Bob the Psychic, they have learned to hear. So can you. This is not something that is so magical that only the gods or those who are so highly esteemed can do. Anyone can.

Start By Being Quiet

Inner-WisdomIn this post, my Guides and Angels will show you or tell you how to do it. It is pure grace. Listening to your inner wisdom starts with being in silence. Pure silence. Silence is something that so many of us are uncomfortable with. But silence is how we grow. The silence we seek for this lesson need only be a short few minutes to start. Perhaps it is the time right before going to sleep or right before rising up. It does not matter which one. What does matter is that you quiet your inner voice… you know, the one that is singing that Taylor Swift song. The one going over the list of things to do today. The one beating you up about that mistake you made yesterday at work. That voice. It is the one of your consciousness. When it is quiet, we, the Angels and Guides around you, speak. For some, when we speak it is just a feeling with words. For others, it will be in terms of a voice. But the voice, our voice, is different – It is more peaceful. It may even sound different from the one you normally hear. Whatever it is for you, you need just acknowledge it. Acknowledging it begins to make it louder.

We Will Get Louder

After you are silent and you begin to hear us, you will find that we get louder. Spend more time in silence listening or talking to us. Tell us how we can help you. Tell us what it is that you need precious ones. We are all here for you. However know that we will only speak your truth. Do not ask us for help doing something that you know is wrong. We will not participate in that. We want you to be in a love environment within the white light at all times. For that to happen requires honesty and integrity. But we digress.

Now You Know The Secret

Give this method a try. See what happens. Eventually you will no longer need to be silent to listen to your inner wisdom or our message. You will know it immediately when we speak. This is what the Psychic In Scottsdale and those who work with him do. They just know now and so can you.

“Just for this week I will spend at least five minutes a day in silence. I will quiet my thoughts and ask for guidance from above. I will not judge whether I hear my guides or not. I will just accept whatever I feel or hear as their message.”