Love Abounds

A Message From The Guides

This month’s card is Love Abounds
from John Holland’s Psychic Tarot of the Heart deck.


This card means so much to so many of us here on the other side of the spiritual divide. It is a reminder that we are all one. It is a reminder that there is nothing but love that connects all of us.

This card is about overlooking or seeing through and seeing past the negativity that has engulfed the planet.  Instead, now is the time to reach within.  Now is the time to reach within and see what the white light has for you.  It is a time to let love abound. It is a time to renew your relationships,  your connections with others, the ones that have fallen to the wayside… the ones that you have lost track of…  the ones that may have said something that angers you so much that you set them free but now is the time to see them in a different light.  Now is the time to see the world in a different light and now is the time to let love abound.  The Universe wants nothing more than to have the white light surrounding Mother Earth.  Mother Earth’s is crying out for it.  The humans can see this by the way Mother Earth has been lashing out.

Mother Earth has been calling out for Peace and Love by bringing in violent weather, fires, earthquakes and floods.  The weather is the world saying “hey pay attention to me, give me the love that I need,  give me what it is that I want and so desire.” The world is not demanding anything that is impossible.  It is calling out for peace and clarity.  The world is looking to change directions.  It is looking to change directions back towards the human heart.

It is time to put all of those arguments and disagreements behind and reunite. It is a time to let love abound. Let love abound in all that you do. Reach out to neighbors. Reach out to friends. Reach out to those in need.  Now is the time to let your heart guide you towards the light. Let your heart keep you from the darkness that has been trying to envelop the world. Let the leaders who are doing nothing but dark work go their own way and go down the path where their Karmic  Reckoning awaits.


Remember that as Love Abounds, you will be reminded that you are part of the family of light.  You are part of the light that follows us.  You are part of us and we want you to know there is nothing but love and light around you so for this month, give yourself what it is that you need.

Let yourself have all of the things that you desire. Let  love abound throughout you, throughout the world and throughout the Universe.