Love & Relationship Reading

Giving Your Heart Direction and Inspiration

The most asked questions in consultations with Bob The Psychic™ are about love and relationships.

This really isn’t surprising given that many people are looking for guidance in their personal relationships.

For some people, they are wondering when love will appear.  For others, it is a question of meeting the right people or person and for many people it is about clarity in their current love relationships.

As a master channel, Bob The Psychic™ uses his intuitive senses and an array of cards to give messages directly from Spirit.

Bob The Psychic™ can give you a through perspective
about life and love and your intimate connections.

“No matter if it is a time or joy or sadness Bob always offers the right message. From the moment I met him he has blown my mind and with each reading, especially when it is about my relationships, continue to be spot on!” — Christina W.

I met Bob at The Phoenix First Friday Artwalk a little over five years ago and I have had readings with him at that event nearly every month since. I have also done over the phone readings and every time he is spot on with his descriptions, details, and advice. From guy troubles to financial and workplace guidance, Bob has helped me through some huge milestones.  He has truly impacted my life in a positive way. ” — Vanessa H.

I just had the incredible experience of a relationship reading and was blown away by what he told me. Everything that he said made perfect sense with what was going on in my life. He even told me something that was a personal fear that I did not mention but he knew. I am crying and completely astonished away right now.
Thank you Bob!” – Emily D