Lovers and Relationships

Lovers Tarot CardThe Lovers Tarot Card and Relationships

The meaning behind the picture

The Lovers Tarot Card is perhaps one of the most popular in relationship readings. It is a card heavy with symbolism and filled with many messages. In this blog post, I am going to share a message from my guides about the card and give insight into the card’s many symbols.

The Symbols

The Lovers Tarot Card is associated with the sign of Gemini. The two characters appear under Raphael, the angel of air. Raphael is protecting them and reminding them about the importance of communication. Behind each character are symbols believed to be most important to them. For example the man stands before 12 flames of passion. There are 12 flames representing the 12 signs. Behind the woman is an apple tree and snake. The four apples are said to represent the senses along with the snake. The snake is also said to represent the story of Adam and Eve and the temptations of the world. They are standing on fertile ground suggesting a strong foundation for success.

The Guide’s Message

When asking the Tarot about love, this is the card everyone expects to see. But the truth of the matter is that this is not the most important card. Although this card is about love the broad sense, it is really the minor arcana cards that make the difference in a relationship. As part of the major arcana, the Lovers Tarot Card reflects key broad spiritual lessons. The minor arcana cards are said to demonstrate aspects of our day to day life.
This card shows duality and it shows relationships. The relationships it speaks of could be of romantic love or of love of a project. It depends on the surrounding cards and also the natural intuitive nature of the reader. Whatever it is, this card has many hidden messages. The fact that they are reaching for each other and seem to be stepping off the ground shows a soulful connection.

The soulful connection is considered a divine connection. Not all divine connections are strong or even noticeable. When this card shows in your reading, you most likely have a strong divine connection whether you realize it or not. So to only say your love reading is only meaningful with this card could not be understanding the true value of the messages of the Tarot. The Tarot speaks in many languages and so Lovers tarot card is a translation of just one phrase. The other cards are the other messages. There are mountains in the Lovers Tarot Card showing the possible journeys together. They are life satisfying journeys and they are journeys the one you are with should take together. Some of these journeys are physical and some are spiritual. Some say the spiritual journeys are more valuable or interesting because they warm the heart. My guides say their goal is to warm the heart. They do not want us to be sad or lonely so sometimes they show this card to give us the confidence to move forward in the relationship that is in our midst. There could be other things in your midst you are supposed to partner with and this card shows that too. So when seeing this card, don’t just jump to love… jump to your soul and ask what is warming it today. What is the most important thing for you at this time to bring more love and light into your life? That is the true goal of this card and of the message my guides share.