Making Peace With Yourself

Making peace with yourself

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There are many people carrying around what happened before as a war injury or a flag of courage.  In many cases, it wasn’t so much what you did, as it is more about what you carry from it. In other words, the fears your feel, the things that are holding you back, the messages you heard that are not true are given light and energy by your subconscious.

Our subconscious doesn’t know fact from fiction. 

Our subconscious doesn’t know if something really happened or if you made up the story to cover up things that you just could not deal with. Why is it that you don’t always do what you say? Whyy is it that you don’t complete projects? Is it because you were told when you were little that you were “less than”?  But was that really true?

Isn’t what IS true is that we are all light beings on a  spiritual path.  We are here on his planet to learn lessons in this life that we will carry on to the next.  Going round feeling defeated or empty is not the way to live.  Our lives should be joyous celebrations.  Of course not all the time as there are many tragedies that we all deal with:  There are losses of family members, jobs or relationships.  But all of these are part of the journey. without them, we would not know what true happiness is.

What is we reprogram?

What is it that is holding you back from making peace with yourself and allowing the natural flow from the universe to continue to weave through your body?  Isn’t it worth trying to reprogram our subconscious using a program based on love and forgiveness?  Imagine what would happen if you released the negative energy that no longer serves and that is polluting your subconscious? The truth is that by holding it in, by not releasing it, you only cause more trouble within yourself and that is translated to trouble outside yourself.

So just for today.. try this as your affirmation and mantra..

“Just for today I will forgive all that is wrong around me.  I will live this day with a sense of gratitude and peace.  I will live this day being happy.. truly happy for the chance to share my thoughts and ideas with others and most importantly myself.  I will allow myself to live as though the past is truly just the past… not a weight around my neck.”

This will start the process of making peace within yourself.  Who knows where it could lead….