Nine of Swords Tarot Card

The Nine of Swords

Nine of Swords

This week, it’s all about the Nine of Swords.  The Nine of Swords is about worry and it is not an accident that this card comes the second week during this month of getting it all together.

Last week, we spoke of Temperance and of the how walking in our power was the way to true abundance and peace.  Yet in the human existence, there are many who fear such a breakthrough or journey.  The fear is just that.

Fear.  False Evidence Appearing Real.

So what is this false evidence?  It is the lack of clear vision as to what is next. It is knowing that you want to move forward, you just aren’t sure how so your fear is telling you that you cant. Your fear is showing you roadblocks and other obstacles preventing you from finding your truth.

But it does not have to be this way.  It just takes a moment of stepping back, reaching down into our souls, deep into our truths and then coming back up more powerful and more strong than ever. It is calling in that white light energy from our angels and guides to protect us and give us the direction we crave.

The nine of swords is a reminder that we are nearly there.  The last step in this journey is the hardest.  It is the greatest obstacle. We are now ready to face that obstacle and move forward.  This card suggests your worry may actually be over nothing as you have already taken many steps to free yourself and bring yourself back into alignment.

This week, let the nine of swords remind you that worry and fear are just false evidence appearing real.  The false evidence is your lack of faith at the moment when you need it the most.  Know that you are almost there.  The achievement of your goals is just over the horizon.  Now is the time to cast the false evidence aside and remind yourself that you are the light, you are the one, you are the most powerful.

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