No More Suffering in Silence and Sacrificing

A Message From The Guides

Hello my family and this month we have decided to give a dual message for those in need.  Our message this month comes from John Holland’s Psychic Tarot deck.

This is a time of transformation and change in your life.  Both the Suffering In Silence and the Sacrifice card are about letting go in some way and taking stalk of the messages you are receiving from your highest self.  The cards together suggest that by recognizing you are ready to shift and then taking the steps to allow it to happen, you can attract new peace, compassion and understanding into your life.

Let us start with the Sacrifice card.  You are done sacrificing.  You are ready to release whatever is holding you back.  It is a time to look at the major obstacles or fears that you have put in your way.  In many cases, we find that those in their human journey are unable to see their own obstacles.  They are so holding onto past events so tightly that they cannot see it is those events that are keeping them from being free… from being their true selves.

So we would say now is the time to revisit the feelings those events created for you.  Are you angry?  Are you disappointed? Are you hurt? What are you  holding onto or using as a definition of your life from an event that was so far in the past?  It is time to reframe what happened.  It is time to look at the lesson or message, accept it and move on.

Now we know this may sound harsh to some.  But know this.  It is coming from a place of love and light.  It is coming from the place of caring we all have for those we watch over.  We urge you to take the steps now to help clear this energy so you are no longer suffering in silence.

This brings us to the next card, Suffering In Silence.  You are finally ready to let go of those limiting beliefs.  You are done suffering in silence.  During a session with the one we communicate through, he tells you this card is about recognizing you are stuck.  Recognizing you are on top of the mountain holding your wand (passion) and you want to move onto the other mountains.  Yet there is fog in the way.  The journey is not clear.  Yet even though the journey is not clear, that does not mean you are not supposed to begin.  Sometimes we must get in motion, not knowing where we are going but knowing that being in motion is the solution.

Remember that your journey in this lifetime is one of learning and growing.  It is not about being stagnant or stuck.  Take the messages of the Suffering In Silence and Sacrifice card to heart and allow the Universe to guide you to the next level.  Give us the opportunity to step into your life and guide you.  We are here for that exact purpose.  All you must do is ask.