Angel & Oracle Card Readings

Connecting To Your Angelic Realm

Oracle Cards help unlock messages from the angelic realm.  Unlike Tarot Cards, Oracle and Angel Cards are divinely inspired by those who embrace a calling to share Spirit-guided messages with others.  What originated as fortune teller cards became known as Oracle or Angel Cards and gained popularity as the New Age Movement evolved.

The major difference between Tarot and Angel/Oracle Cards is that Tarot Cards have a very definitive style of divination based on alchemy, esoteric symbols and numerology.  Angel/Oracle Cards rely on channeled interpretation from both etheric and supernatural realms. The reading is enhanced by my open connection to the angelic realm thru my channeling gift.

I am usually guided to use my Angel/Oracle Cards with those who have never had a psychic consultation.  Sometimes interacting with the angelic realm gives deeper insight that just Tarot.  Every deck, no matter Tarot or Angel or Oracle is created to speak to different souls at different times.