Time To Step Into Your Power

A Message From The Guides

There is unlimited power at your fingertips this month and the question is, will you use it or will it be squandered.
This is the month for you to use your power, use your strength to create things as you see fit.

So many of you have listened to our messages in the past and not taken action and this is no longer acceptable.  You know that this is the time for you to step up. This is the time for you to channel that inner power.  Now is the time to move forward and clean all the areas of your life.  There are bigger changes coming from the Universe before the end of the year.  This year, and all of its tragedies and unique obstacles signal a huge change in energy.  It is a huge change in the way those on the planet live and the way those who govern operate.

 Now is the time to look at the connections you have with others to determine if they remain worthwhile or is it time to use your strength, use your power to move away from people and situations that are of a lower vibration.

Many of you have lost your place, lost your course and this makes sense because of the drama and trauma happening in the world today.  But there will be many positive changes ahead.

The power of good will overcome the power of evil that has surrounded so many of the areas of the world.  So many of the elements that are so important for the humans to see because there is so much dark energy around them now.  But you will see now that the power is about to shift.  The shifting power brings back the light of the Divine and will allow it to shine across the planet.

It is up to all of you, all of  you who follow us, to take the steps, to take this suggestion to do what it is that you must do to bring power back into your life!

For those of you that are feeling stuck, for those of you that are feeling powerless, now is the time to pick yourself up.  It is time to move forward even if you are not sure what you are moving forward to.  Take the small steps. Let the light of the Divine guide you.  You know what the goal is. Living a life of higher energy.  Living a life of peace and contentment.   Write the goal down and then take the small steps to bring the goal to life.  Do not get caught in the negativity of those who are only wish to fight and argue.  Do not get caught in the negativity of those who say they are the only choice to salvation.

The power we are speaking of is not just physical power.  It is also mental and spiritual power.  For many people this will be a month of great recognition.  It will be a month of great spiritual power, great spiritual connection and spiritual strength.  They will see that many things they were told and many things that they believed are false.  That the words they were following came from a false prophet, one that has made deals with the dark energy from across the land.