Channeling – Giving Guides and Spirits A Direct Path of Communication

Channeling is when there is a direct path between my guides and you.  My guides call themselves Jeremy.  They have come to me in dreams and meditations numerous times.  They call themselves my High Council of Seven.  They once lived on the Earth but now reside in the planetary realms.  They tell me that they oversee many people by guiding them to their highest good, their place of innermost peace.  We are happy to come forward at any time and speak with you.  All you need to do is ask.

In this short video, I talk more about this and even channel a message.


I offer channeling during any hour-long reading.

“As a Clear Channel, Reiki Master, and Soul Alignment Expert with my own psychic abilities, I look for a clear channel that is connected to the highest vibrational frequencies and guides to provide answers and guidance from Source energy and BOB IS THE BEST !! Bob actually channeled a group of higher guides, The Council of Light/JEREMY as well as my guides and angels for about 30 minutes straight allowing them to take over and provide me direct information about my family, relationships, finances, career, Soul’s Purpose, and Children. They literally spoke for about 30 minutes straight without me saying a word, speaking in detail about all aspects of my life without me providing any information. Such a profound experience! And the vibration of these guides was so high, I felt like I was floating after the session and yet felt very grounded. Everyone must get a session with Bob!! He’s incredible!! Much Gratitude!!”

Thank you again and many blessings!

Amanda Marie

Founder/CEO Angel444Energy