The Psychic Experience

Bob The Psychic™ prides himself on providing a five-star experience.

Whether it is over the phone or in-person, your consultation is designed to exceed your expectations.  When you visit Bob The Psychic’s Consultation Room, you will find yourself surrounded by warm, welcoming energy.



In a room filled with the sounds of running water and gentle music, you will find the calming energy necessary to have a truly transformational experience.  Bob’s sacred space includes energizing candles, various grounding stones and crystals along with other mystical things designed to create a sense of connection, serenity and well-being.

Facing the chakra flag helps remind you that you are in a healing space designed to bring empowerment and inspiration into all areas of your life, hopes and dreams. 


The answers you seek are within reach and connecting with Bob The Psychic offers you the unique opportunity to experience a sense of knowing, joy, and letting go from all that is no longer serving in your life.

What Are You Waiting For?

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