Relax The Hold of Darkness

A Message From The Guides

This month the message channeled from my Guides is about relaxing the hold of darkness.  It is about pushing the darkness, the fear, away from you heart and soul.  This month we want you to take the biggest steps ever.  We want you to step truly into your time.

It is time.  The time is here.

Now is the time for all of you to call upon your greatest strength.  It is time to relax the hold of darkness around you and bring in peace, productivity and be open to new personal power.

This is the time to run, not walk, but run into the light.

This is the time to step into your energy.  Do not allow the negativity around you based in fear to hold you back from what it is that you want. Do not let it hold from creating your perfect life.

We are not saying that you must risk your health in moving into your power and we are not saying that you must go against your own sense of justice and what is right and what is wrong, what we are saying that it is alright to be within your power… that your power cannot be enclosed or blocked by those around you who are trying to shift it for their own manipulative means.  You must recognize that much of the manipulation is not about creating good.  It is about creating ego. This ego is driving a cult lead by a false leader.

It is your personal power and your personal connection to the light that is truly the most important thing in the world and the Universe today.

Do not let the false leaders take your power.  Do not follow them blindly.  It is against the word of the Divine.  It is against the word of Spirit. Your spirit is here now to help you do well.

Now is the time to show others how this awesome personal power from Divine works and how that by tapping into it every day your life will move forward with ease.

You no longer need to be concerned about the past.  Those lessons are done.  You have accepted them.  Now put them aside and let the growth spurt begin anew. You are no longer carrying that load. We speak of the weight hat was so painful for all those weeks, all those months and all those years. You have broken free now and now even the power of the planet alignment is giving you the strength to take the risks and beat back the fears that in many cases have no basis in reality.

Speak up – Ask for what it is that you want.  Ask that you receive the respect that you desire and deserve.

At the same time, remember that we are not saying that you are to be overpowering and rude and condescending to those around you, we are saying be in your own power as you relaxing that hold of darkness.

Let the white light around the character and around the card be your symbol of truth and action.

Let the white light surround you and give you peace and harmony.  Today, right now, is the time to take that first step.  Release the darkness. We command that it leave you forever.