Releasing Allegiances

A Message From The Guides

Releasing Allegiances
A Message From The Universe
iWho is it that you are attached to?

Who is it that you lent your credibility to?

Who is it that you allowed to guide you?

Have you ever looked at them and wondered why you chose them?

Is there something they have that you believe you don’t have?

iThe truth is that you have the same skills.

You have the same ability.

You have the same power.

It is just that you’ve put yourself in a position of being “less than” compared to that person.

In other words you are looking to them to give you the answers that you do not want to hear or that you feel as though you cannot find.
Yet the answers are all around you – they have been all through your life.

So this week look at the people who are around you.

Look at those who are your guides.

Do they deserve to be your guides?

In many cases, the answer will always be yes. But if the answer is no, then now is the to consider honoring yourself and making a change.

What happens when you are in a growth phase like now?
What happens when you are moving to a new place, a new higher place?
Do you need to leave some of them behind
because you no longer connect with their message?
This week we want you to look at those around you.

We want you to look at the ones you cherish.

Do they deserve being cherished?

Do they deserve to have you kindness and compassion?

Do they give back to you what you give to them?

These are things to think about so that you can have more balance in your life.

The more balance your life is the easier things will come to you – the easier it is for you to attract the things you want and attracting the things you want is about remembering to be balanced.

Being balanced includes those that are around you — so look at those around you:

do they support you?
do they speak their truth?
does their truth align with your truth?
do they respect you?

do they speak out against you?
do they tell you that you are not worthy?
These are all very important questions to ask.

When you have the answers, you will release them. You will see that the allegiances you had to them no longer matter or work for you. You will know your truth and you will find your balance.

if you are unsure of how to connect to this guided message, that is where I come in.

I’m happy to help you hear your guide’s message so you can usher in new peace and contentment into your life

Click here to set an appointment today.

I am Bob The Psychic, Your Psychic.

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