Releasing The Dark Wound So Love Can Live

A Message From The Guides

Release the Dark Wound – A Message From The Guides

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Release the wound and let love live – such a profound statement for the human.

Such a profound statement about love and how love functions on the planet.

Know that you are in the right place if you have the wound.

The wound comes from being open.

The wound comes from being clear.

The wound comes from being your honest and true self.

The wound comes as you stand up.

The wound comes because you stand up and clear.

The wound comes because you have broken free.

And now that you have broken free now is the time to replacing the wound.

So how does one do that?

How does one do that in a healthy way?

Well my child there are many healthy ways for one to do this……

The first we would suggest is connecting to your true self –  honoring your true self and giving yourself credit for what it is that you attempted.

Giving yourself credit for what you attempted in the face of great adversity.

For the other one, the one that caused the wound was never being fair – was never being honest – was never being straightforward – was never acting in integrity.

You may or may not have noticed this trait about them but at this point it does not matter whether you noticed or not, the point is that you were vulnerable, that you were in the game,  that you attempted to make the ultimate connection,  that you did the best that you could and now that the wound is there, it is about rebuilding.

It is about allowing your love of yourself to come back.

It is about filling your heart up with love and light and peace from within. It is about reconnecting to your truth,  reconnecting to the higher self, reconnecting to the angels and guides around you that pulled away.

Yes and they were pulled away only because you are trying to heal yourself alone.

They were pulled away because you are on a wrong road or you are off course.

It is not that you were off course on purpose – no, it is not that at all.

It is just that you were off course and this is what caused the wound.

The wound came because you were trying to do the right thing.

The wound came because you are trying to do the right thing for yourself and now that you have, it is about rebuilding.

Allow yourself now to let go of the pain – Allow yourself to let go of suffering.

Open to the love and light that was around you before and bring it back in and this time be committed to filling the wound and not allowing the wound to continue, not allowing the wound to continue to drive you, not allow the wound to be what moves you forward.

The wound is just a message. The wound is just a symbol of the past.The wound does not have to stay forever – it can be released.

We want to say that it can be easily released and now that you have the awareness to do it, you will be able to find the truth and find the peace within.

Remember that connecting to us – the highest goals – the highest dreams within – is one way to release and stay away – stay away from negativity.

Know now that by reading and accepting these words and this message that you are on the right path and the healing will begin. The healing will take as long as it needs to take – do not pressure.

Know that as soon as the wound is gone the love will live – the love will come back stronger than ever before.