Releasing Your Fear

A Message From The Guides

Releasing Your Fear

There are many places in the world we all want to visit.

Whether it is Sedona or Bali or Tahiti, the physical world calls upon us to explore.

But what about exploring the Universe?

Just because we cannot physically go somewhere does not mean we cannot go there energetically.



What happens when you close your eyes and imagine?

Do you see the Universe?

Do you see your past lifetimes?

Do you see your future?




This week, I want you to tune into your Spirit.

Tune into that magical power which connects all of us throughout the Universe.

The key is opening up.

The key is believing.

Believe in yourself

Believe in the journey



Take your journey to the next level. Stop procrastinating. Stop putting off what needs to be done. Stop putting off growing your soul. Go find that sacred space designed by you and for you. It is deep within. Start by grounding, releasing the day to day chores and fears.



Imagine white light from the heavens freely flowing through you. It is calming the anxiety. It is releasing the fears.

Now imagine it creating your perfect space. It is warm and round. It is full of comfortable cushions. It is painted your favorite color. It is your perfect temperature. It is the place you can be your free self. No hiding allowed. You are free to remove all that binds you. You can allow your skin to feel the warmth of love and kindness and compassion surrounding you in this perfect place. You are so comfortable, you decide to leave your clothes neatly in a pile next to you. The warmth of the white light surrounding you is the perfect temperature. It fits you perfectly. You feel the messages from your guides and angels filling your soul with love and replacing the thoughts of fear and negativity.

Now, see yourself as an infant. As you start imagining growing older, you release and let go of the lessons you may have learned about hurt and hate from the past and let them go. You are a new you in your new home.

Spend as much time in this place as you need. And remember it is always there for you to return to so you can recharge. Come back often to recharge. Come back often to connect with your higher self. This is the place where your new journey begins.

The question now is… where to you want to go?

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