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Using Tarot to Find A Soulmate

In this eBook, I am answering a question I get asked nearly every day: “When will I meet my soulmate?” I have done many, many readings on this topic. But the reading featured in this book is different. It isn’t for just one specific person. It is for anyone and everyone who seeks to have a deeper connection with themselves and ultimately share that connection with someone else. Click here to download.

Grow Your Intuition in 4 Easy Steps

How many times has something happened to you and you ‘knew’ it was going to happen? Or how many times have you had a feeling about something that came true? I would guess many times. What if you could call on that ‘voice’ or ‘intuition’ more often or what if you just heard it without asking?  In this eBook, I will show you the 4 steps I took to increase my intuition.  Click here to download.


I have found the meditations that were the most helpful are from Kelly Howell and BrainSync.  Click on the image below to learn more.

Finding Your True Self is a CD that is full of positive affirmations. Throughout this CD Dr. Bernie Siegel,  guides you through a series of positive statements spoken as audible and subliminal affirmations to help attain and maintain a feeling of well-being.   What I really liked about this CD is that he says the affirmations using the word “i” and “you” so no matter how your brain is wired, you will accept these messages.  Click here to be taken to Dr. Siegel’s website to order your CD today.

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