Seeing The True You

A Message From The Guides

This month’s card is “Seeing The True You”
from Alana Fairchild’s Sacred Rebels Oracle Deck.

What exactly is the true you and how do we see it?

This card from Sacred Rebels Oracle Deck depicts a woman staring at her reflection in a pond.  What does she see?  Does she see her true self, or does she see what others say about her which may or may not be accurate and true?

This is an important question to consider as we continue to grow and travel down our spiritual growth path.  For many of us have listened so much to others, that we may not even know who WE truly are.  We end up being what everyone ELSE wants or tells us to be.  Which is it for you?  Do you even know?

This month, we want all connecting with our words to consider this:  Who are you?  Are you seeing and showing the world your TRUE you or someone else?  And if it is someone else, then ask, are you ready to gain clarity and take the steps necessary to become your TRUE you?

To become your TRUE you involves much self-discovery.

This self-discovery could include:

  • releasing some ideas or allegiances to our past that no longer work and setting them free
  • start recognizing when our ego gets the best of us
  • notice where our boundaries are working and where they are not
  • connecting and releasing with those emotions we keep bottled up, buried deep inside
  • recognizing when our needs are not being met and then taking steps to put yourself first

Start by looking at your relationships.  All of them.  Why are those people in your life? What is the energy exchange you share?  Does the relationship meet your needs or do you sacrifice and give to the point where you get nothing back? What do you need to change so you are your true self and not being fake?  Are you being “someone else” to maintain your connections and if so, why?  These are just some of questions to ask yourself as you consider whether or not you see your true self.

When you are being the true you, you will recognize your connection to grace and your highest power.

You will walk with a sense of spirit and a sense of guidance around you. You will stand tall and be in your power.  You will have no fear taking steps to put your highest self into action.

When you put your highest self into action, you will find many of the obstacles in your life disappear.  They disappear because your highest self guides you around them and helps you realize that perhaps many of the obstacles can be summed up with one word: FEAR.  There is no problem here.  You may just be scared.  And being scared is completely ok. Being scared is just a reminder to take a step back and re-evaluate.  Is this fear “false evidence appearing real” or an illusion?  Is it something we are pretending is real so it stops up from getting what we really want?   And if it is, perhaps now is the time to do something about it.  Now maybe the time to try it and then learn from the experience. The lesson we receive will show us how to adapt to a similar situation in the future so we can try again and that time, perhaps we will have the success that we dream of.

Finally, when you’re feeling lost or alone, connect with your true you.

Ask your true self to connect with your highest good and give you the direction, the motivation and the guidance necessary to move forward.  Your true self will then step forward and life turns into a beautiful experience. The true you knows exactly where to go and how to get there. All it takes is listening, and being committed to the journey.